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Fat skinny person

September 3, 2015

I had a meeting with personal trainer at my worrkplace where she also made a body analysis with a machine. The results were a bit surprising, even though I knew I have fat in my mid section. Turns out I have 3kg (6.6 pounds) excess fat I need to get rid of, most of it situated in my torso area. Generally, too much fat and too little muscle. At the same time I shouldn’t lose weight but gain more muscle instead on my midsection and arms. And I should definitely exercise more, the minimum is 2 times a week. My waist-hips ratio was also over the limit, but there I blame DR mostly.

So even though I have always thought I’m eating more healthy than most of the people I have been building up a circle of fat around my waist with all the ice-cream, chocolate and candy feasts I used to have almost every evening while winding down from work and slouching on the sofa. But I’m determined to get rid of it.

I’m currently at 61,8 kg and my calories limit per day has dropped to 1100 according my calory calculator I’m using, and it is really really low. I can’t eat anything.

My menu today:

Breakfast 8.00

  • Teaspoon of linen seeds with 3 table spoons of sugar free blueberry soup
  • 1 boiled egg
  • 2 slices of rye bread with margarin, thin turkey cutlet and salad
  • Cup of coffee with skimmed milk

Snack 10.30

  • Three slices of cantaloupe

Lunch 12.30

  • Half a plate of chicken/broccoli/eggnoodle wok
  • Half a plate of salad with low fat cottage cheese and apple

Snack 16.00

  • 1 small banana
  • 1 slice of rye bread with margarin and thin turkey cutlet

Dinner 17.15

  • Chinese chicken soup (chicken breast, ginger, carrot, mushrooms, egg)
  • Cup of coffee with skimmed milk, half a digestive biscuit

And that’s it for today, I’ve already exceeded my limits…

With my progress with DR I’m getting a bit frustrated. I’m really not seeing the results I would like to see, but I know I should do more of the exercises too. All images below taken first thing in the morning, core muscles relaxed. These were taken one week ago at 24.8.

 2408right 2408left


August 16, 2015

It’s been 3 weeks of diet so far and I’m at 62,1kg, so I’ve managed to drop 2,3 kg (5lb 1.1oz)! Of course the weight has shifted up and down and on the lowest point I got to 61,3 kg, only to have it at 63,3 kg two days later (then I was ready to quit the whole project).

Ditching sugar hasn’t been as difficult I had anticipated. Ice-cream is my cryptonite, I could eat the whole box in one setting. I have followed my diet quite well, only occasional odysseys to the lure of white bread, potatoes and rice (sushi!). The rule of not eating after 7 PM had to be loosened though, as sometimes it’s impossible to have dinner before 20 in this circus.

Although my belly looks smaller in pics below compared to previous ones, with my diastasis recti I don’t see too much improvement yet. I’m having an appointment with my physiotherapist tomorrow and I hope she can give me good advice on what to eat and how to exercise more. I signed in for a pilates class and I need to know if there are some exercises I should skip because of DR.

I was looking at my pregnancy photos for my firstborn and even there at weeks as early as 6 and 7 my belly looked pretty much like it’s looking now. I’m starting to question if I could have had DR already before the kids? At least I’ve always had really poor posture that could be seen in those photos too. My back has really strong lordosis resulting in pelvic tilt which makes the DR effect much worse.

150816 150816left 150816front

All pics taken first thing in the morning with core muscles relaxed.


Progress? None yet

July 27, 2015

I’d like to say that in a month I’ve gained significable progress and look much better but actually the only thing I’ve gained is a few extra holiday pounds from all the ice-cream, cider, cava and barbeque food. I must admit I haven’t done my physiotherapist’s excercises on every day either. On Monday I return to work and at the same time I plan to make a diet makeover.

profile relaxed

Profile relaxed

Profile with deep core muscles activated

Profile with deep core muscles activated

Front relaxed

Front relaxed

Sorry about the crappy camera quality but you get the picture. I want to look at least close to the middle picture without sucking my stomach in.

Currently because most of the extra pounds (I’m 64.3kg i.e. 10 stones 1.8 pounds at the moment) are all on my waist it’s quite difficult to see what is fat and what is actual diastasis recti. And to make it even more difficult, endo also wants to play her part of course. The swelling comes and goes and that is also hard to distinguish when to blaim endo for my looks.

So to make it easier to see my diastasis recti healing process I’m gonna get rid of the extra pounds during the next 3 months.

My diet plan

Basically no pasta, rice or white bread. No candy, ice-cream, cake (or anything I love, sob)

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of rye bread, margarin, turkey and salad, cup of coffee with milk
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken/fish and cottage cheese
  • Snack: Banana or slice of rye bread with margarin and cottage cheese
  • Dinner: Wok/Soup/Salad with chicken/fish
  • Evening snack: Fruits with Greek youghurt + müsli or slice of rye bread with margarin and cottage cheese

My daily calory goal is approx. 1500 cal/day. No eating after 7 PM. On one day of the week I will cut some slack and have a nice dinner with DH at home and have a cider or a few glasses of wine. I plan to jog 1-2 times a week and go to the aerobics class once a week and make my physiotherapist’s excercises every day. More sports is just impossible with all the other stuff in my life.

So 1st November 2015 I plan will weigh 60 kg. On summer 2016 I plan to wear a bikini and actually feel awesome in it.



July 23, 2008

Yesterday while surfing the net I came across the endo-diet.

“In general, there are a number of foods that women with endometriosis are advised to avoid.

  • Caffeine (i.e. coffee, tea)
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Saturated fats
  • Butter and margarine
  • Drinks and foods with a high sugar content
  • Refined carbohydrates (i.e. pasta, bread, cakes, pastries)
  • Fried food”
  • And that list sums pretty much everything I enjoy. I need my coffee fix every morning and preferably in the afternoon too or else I get headaches and cannot function properly. I love apple cider, red wine and whiskey with coke. Not in excess (well sometimes that too, must admit) but I love them. I’m a notoriusly heavy user of chocolate. I eat candy almost every day. Cakes, pastries, white bread, yummm…
    And now I should cut all the good stuff off.

    Seeing this list made quite miserable. I’ve always been quite skinny (172cm/56kg) so I haven’t really had to pay any attention to what I’m eating. It’s not that I’d consume deep-fried Mars-bars for breakfast every morning, but I enjoy having delicacies quite often. You could say I have a huge sweet tooth. I don’t eat much junk food like burgers or fries, we usually cook wok or salad, fish or chicken during the week and then maybe something heavier in the weekend. Of course I knew before that excess alcohol, sugar and caffeine are bad for you in general, but seeing that they also make endometriosis symptoms worse was quite a bummer. And all my comfort foods are on the list 😦

    Already before seeing the list I had made the decision to cut off excess sugar and candies. But as my friend said, I destroy my mental health if I stress too much about what I’m eating and try to give up all the goodies at once, so now I’m trying just to decrease them in my diet. Only one cup of coffee in the morning, not so much chocolate (sigh) and less drinks and a lot of veggies and fruits.

    Tonight we’re going to see the Dark Knight in a guest screening, my expectations are high because I’ve only heard praising so far. And afterwards we are invited to a party with free drinks. Maybe just ONE cider this time.