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Afraid of the tv-license inspector

October 31, 2008

We have this thing in Finland called “tv-license”. It’s a tax kind of thing (around 200 euros) you are supposed to pay each year to the government if you own a television. The money is collected in order to fund the national broadcasting company (that mostly produces boring talk shows where old, boring people talk about some dull subject in Swedish). Guess what, like almost all young people, we aren’t paying for the license.

The only way the government can track whether someone who hasn’t paid for the license is to send an inspector to visit their home. Today DH got a call from the inspector asking about our license. And “officially” we don’t have a tv anymore 🙂 So now I’m watching the Bold and the Beautiful (now that it airs again at reasonable time, I couldn’t watch it for a year because it was aired already at 4PM but luckily it seems things haven’t really proceeded so much in the world of Forresters) with my other hand on the remote, ready to turn the volume down if I hear someone walking in the staircase… Shh…

Yep, we are a bunch of anarchists here 😉

I’m still sick, the sneezing doesn’t stop and my throat hurts and I’ve got some fever too. This sucks so much. Luckily next week I have the Friday off from work and following Monday too as I had still a few days of my summer holiday to use. And during Christmas I’ll have 2 weeks of holidays! Woohoo!


Big Brother babies and toxic thoughts

September 17, 2008

The fourth season of Finnish Big Brother started a couple of weeks ago. DH worked as a cameraman on the first season so I got to know all the gossip before they showed it on telly. Now I have to read it on internet from the boards where people with the cable subscription share what’s going on. On Sunday’s live show one of the contestants got to learn that his girlfriend is pregnant. She was suddenly standing outside the window and holding signs that word by word told him the news. The guy was so touching, he could hardly breath because he was so happy. I was of course in tears while wathcing this as I’m a real sucker for all emotional tv crap.

On last season’s BB one of the girls in the house learned she was pregnant (after several months of ttc’ing) after a few weeks of the show. What possess someone ttc’ing to enter the BB house is a mystery to me. We are still waiting for our Finnish BB baby to be born in the house or one of the contestants to conceive while staying in the BB house. (Looking at the current, free-spirited and mainly single contestants in their early 20’s and the amount of drunken kissing/snuggling/groping I could see that happening too.)

Okay, BB is not ALL I watch on telly. On Monday there was an interesting document about the general sperm quality and how it is radically getting worse thanks to all the toxins we are surrounded by. These toxins are basically everywhere; in the things we touch every day (different plastics), the food we eat (agricultural toxins), the air we breath (pollution). Quite alarming actually. What if our problems to conceive are partly a result of this? Will couples have even more and more infertility problems in the future?  I have to admit though that I didn’t watch the whole document because my favourite Finnish soap opera started on different channel at the same time.

I have a big bruise on my right knee thanks to Sunday’s kickboxing workout and several small ones after yesterday’s. I love the sport. Especially when we have free sparring and I get a guy twice my age as my partner and he looks down on me just to have his ass kicked in a few minutes. Ha-ha :D! I know that if I’d get those magic two lines I’d had to stop this sport immediately since it involves so much contact. Ok I guess I could handle that 😉 Funny thing is, that me and my friend are now the only girls in the beginners’ course although there were like 10 of us when we started. Now it’s just a bunch of big guys and us.

Next weekend one of my cousins is getting married and I’m again the designated photographer. I’m really looking forward to seeing many of my relatives as it’s going to be a bigger wedding than my sister’s. Too bad that me and DH will be the only ones representing our family since my sister’s husband is working and my parents are going abroad for a holiday. But knowing my relatives it’s going to be a good party! I’ll just have to pretend to drink my wine so I will dodge all the questions. In Finland you are either a)pregnant b)really religious if you don’t drink and not drinking always means you have to explain it to others. Drinking heavily is somewhat our national sport… Yep, not a very smart one.

It’s CD16, 2DPO. No symptoms really, just the same cramps and back pain I had during ovulation but quite mild today.