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Little sister

May 31, 2011


Little sister 28th May 2011

Here she finally is! Our daughter was born on 28th May at 12.18 AM at 39w3days. 3314g and 48 cm.

Labor was fast and efficient this time! Painful contractions started around 4AM and I was already 7 cm dilated when we arrived at the hospital little before 8 AM. First couple of hours I felt there was no need for any pain reduction, since moving in the rocking chair and using my voice seemed to take the sharpest edge away from the contractions.

Around 11AM I started to feel more pain, and the midwife suggested entonox. Since it worked ok in my first labor, I decided to give it a try. This time it wasn’t doing so much and the contractions started to get worse and worse. Midwife did a pelvic exam and it turned out I hadn’t dilated more at all during these hours. Of course I thought that it’s going to be a 24hour hell all over again, so I asked for an epidural. Anesthetist doctor was called but she was busy with another patient and I was told she’d be with us 20 minutes later. Those 20 minutes were some of the most painful I have ever experienced, and the second the doctor came to the room I felt a massive urge to push. Pelvic showed I had dilated the last 3 cm during those 20 minutes so no epidural for me!

The pushing only took 8 minutes and I got to say it was quite primal, the urge to push was really intense and so was the pain too. Umbilical cord was twice around baby’s neck but the second she was out she started to scream. They lifted her on my lap and she felt so tiny! I started immediately breastfeeding and we stayed on the bed at least for an hour before another nurse came to do the measurings and I got to shower.

We only spent one night at the hospital and now are adjusting to life at home with two children. S is a littled muddled about this tiny creature who makes a large noise, but so far hasn’t had any tantrums about her. Breastfeeding didn’t start too well, the first night at home I tried it for 5 hours with a screaming baby and it seemed nothing came out so I had to make DH go to the gas station to buy some formula. Luckily yesterday the milk rose and now it’s over abundant!

We had a weighing at the hospital today and nurse said we can go outside today for the first time! Exciting 🙂


Pregnancy test

May 19, 2011

This is actually a list of questions presented to a preggo woman in one particular Finnish baby magazine (that actually makes me furious after reading because of its “natural super mothers” attitude) in each episode. Here it goes!

I have been eating everything, salty and sweet

In early pregnancy all I devoured was salty and greasy stuff but lately it has been chocolate, ice-cream and cakes that make me extremely happy. And since the glucose test turned normal and the late u/s predicted a small baby (about 2,5kg at 35 weeks) I’ve had no quilty feelings for stuffing myself with that stuff.

Even the smell of coffee makes me want to vomit

First trimester I didn’t fancy coffee at all (normally I have 2-3 cups a day). Afterwards I’ve had about a (large) cup a day.

I could sleep all day

So true. Early pregnancy fatigue was terrible. Luckily S still napped a lot that time. Now he only takes one nap (about 2 hours) during which I try to have my lunch, watch quality TV like True Blood or Desperat Housewifes, enjoy my chocolates/ice-cream/cakes/all of them with coffee and if there’s still time left have a nap too. The last weeks I’ve been noticeably more tired again and during this pregnancy there really was no “energetic middle-pregnancy” at all!

Cramps on calves, heartburn, swelling, I’ve had all of them

Cramps during night, check. Heartburn, definetely and OMG it’s the worst thing ever. Swelling has luckily been absent this time.

I’ve felt like a sex bomb

Not really. Ok I love my rack at this size (normally a B cup, now E) but otherwise I miss my normal figure. And it doesn’t help that DH misses too.

I’ve gained tens of kilos of weight

This time around the weight gain has been quite moderate. I was 60 kg at BFP, then losed two kilos and now I’m about 68,5kg.

I’ve been really emotional

Oh yes. Can’t watch anything with babies/wedding/funeral from tv. Even the Bold and the Beautiful can make me cry. So fucking ridiculous.

A good mother will nurse long. (See what I told you about the magazines’s attitude!!!)

No. A good mother will nurse as long as it is possible in her situation. If nursing feels totally unpleasant and stressful for her she won’t sacrifice her own mental health just to be a good “natural mother”. Finland is a country of breast-feeding nazism and you will definetely be frowned upon if you stop breastfeeding just because you don’t want to do it or if you want to share the feeding responsibility with the baby’s father. Everyone has to “justify” their bottle-feeding with saying that the milk just stopped coming to get other mother’s approval. That’s just plain crazy.

Yes breastfeeding can be an amazing experience but it can also be quite the opposite as well and I totally understand mothers who don’t want to do it as I do understand those as well who enjoy it. What I can’t fathom is mothers who see themselves superior to others for breastfeeding as long as possible. I’ve heard about mothers who only ate rice-cakes and turkey cutlets while breastfeeding because all other food would affect the breastmilk and make the baby’s stomach upset. Seriously.In my pov breastfeeding no matter how difficult and stressful it feels is just plain stupid. I full nursed S 1 month and 4 months partly and bottle-feeding suited us really well.

I have planned the birth before hand

I know you really can’t plan the delivery but I have some wishes for the situation. I wish I’ll have a nice, understanding midwife who will suggest different positions and pain management for me and encourage me to move around. I’m willing to take an epidural if I’m in a lot of pain or if the labor won’t proceed well (last time epidural did the trick and I dilated from 4cm to 10cm in an hour). I want DH to be able to cut the umbilical cord and wash the baby for the first time. I wish they won’t have to cut an episiotomy as first time I was saved from that too. All in all, I wish I can trust my body and have a normal delivery with a healthy baby.

I’m 38w1day today and totally ready to have this baby!


Getting ready!

April 29, 2011

I’m 90% sure this baby will come early. I’m 35w2days today and been having AF-kind of cramping for a while + a ton of braxton-hicks. On Monday I have an extra u/s because of the placenta issues at S’s birth (normally the last u/s here is around 20weeks…) and on Tuesday the doctor will check my cervix if there’s any process to be seen.

We have the baby’s bed and nursing table ready and I already started to pack the hospital bag 🙂 Exciting and scary!

S is going to my parents for this weekend since this might be the last time in a long while that we’ll get to spend some quality time together. We’re going to see Scream4 and eat in a restaurant serving pacific cuisine 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll have the May day brunch with some friends and then cook Russian blinis and other good stuff in the evening. Can’t wait!

Now I must turn on the telly and start to watch William and Kate exchanging vows 🙂


Can’t wait…

April 20, 2011

..for this baby to come already! I’m 34 weeks today and this pregnancy is truly starting to take it’s toll.

I can only walk the 200 meters to the nearest grocery store and back before having contractions and feeling like giving birth any minute. Everything gives me heartburn, all the time. I also feel like there’s no air left in my lungs since I’m carrying my belly quite high. Add to that the constantly stuffed nose, I’m practically not breathing any more. I’m crying over so stupid stuff it’s beyond ridiculous. My relationship with DH has seen much better times. I’m cramping and feeling really uncomfortable almost all the time. My calves are cramping every night and I have to pee every two seconds. Plus I’m shit scared about how this all is going to work out with a newborn added to a toddler with a temper.

Actually, I’m pretty sure I will be in labor before the EDD 1st June, since I’m having so many braxton-hicks and cramps every day. My doctor’s appointment is next week and she’ll check the cervix then. I had a birth planning session with a midwife this week where we discussed the possible pain relievement methods I want to use during labor. Since entonox worked so well last time I’ll surely try it again. And if the pain gets too intense/labor lasts forever I’m willing to have an epidural. Last time it helped me to dilate from 4cm to 10cm in an hour, after suffering hours and hours in the 4cm limbo before having it.

We changed our car to a bigger one and got S a new (used) bed so his old bed will go to the baby. Finding a double stroller is apparently a challenge of its own, since we want’ to get a model where the other kid sits behind the other (we use public transport a lot so the stroller needs to fit into elevators etc.) and there are not many such models available here. Yesterday we went to check out the Phil & Teds strollers but I’m not really convinced that the child sitting in front is totally safe… Plus you can’t adjust the sitting position at all and there’s no padded cover for winter times (a must with our -20C winters).

Ahh, the heartburn is here again…


Comparing these two rounds

February 3, 2011
First round Second round
How long did it take We started ttc in July 2007, treatments in August 2008, got first bfp 2nd May 2009 so it took us 1 year and 10 months. I threw away bcp in June 2010 because my body didn’t co-operate with them anymore, got bfp 20th September 2011 so 3 rounds.
How did we get there? Medically assisted FET after IVF (gonal-F, prednisone, progesterone supplies) Using OPKs, eating vitamins and having sex 🙂
First positive hpt/hcg? 10dpt faint positive hpt, 12dpt hcg 24, 19dpt hcg 418 12dpo positive hpt, no clue of the hcg values
First early pregnancy symptoms? Pissed off really badly, AF cramps, back pain, pms-feeling, huge zit on my face Implantation spotting at 5-6dpo, tired, stuffed nose, high bbt, dizzy feeling when rising up
Symptoms in the beginning Brownish spotting a few days, fatigue, hangoverish feeling Spotting a few days, terrible fatigue, hangoverish feeling, much worse nausea than first round
Symptoms around the halfway Feeling good and energetic, some cramps in calves during the night, terrible heartburn attacks Tired, hungry, braxton-hicks from 17 weeks on if I work too hard, horrible back pain from 12 weeks after walking or when trying to get up frome the sofa
Face Bad case of hormonal acne during the first trimester Nothing too bad (yet)
Breasts Grew from B-cup to D-cup About D-cup now, grew really fast
Linea negra Yep Not visible (at least yet)
Stretch marks On my ass but not on belly No visible yet
Cravings Everything fresh; fruit, juice, salad Everything greasy and salty; hamburgers, french fries, potato crisps, sodas, ice-cream
Movement Around 16-17 weeks Around 17 weeks
Starting weight 56kg (123.2 lbs) 60kg (132 lbs)
Weight gain so far (about 22weeks) +5.5kg (12.1 lbs) +2.8kg (6.2 lbs)
Ending weight, total weight gain 71,5kg (157.3 lbs), +15.5kg (34.1 lbs) No clue yet!
Sf-measurement around 22 weeks 22 cm 22 cm

1st pregnancy 21w4d

2nd pregnancy 21w3d

Gender Had no clue beforehand 🙂 it was a boy! No we know what to expect 🙂

14 weeks

December 3, 2010

Nausea has passed and my only symptom is a horrible back pain I get especially if walking or standing for too long. Trying to get my ass off the couch is horrible. Last time I had this only in the last trimester so I hope it won’t get much worse… Belly is huge in the evenings as shown in the picture.

Didn’t come out of the closet in fb yet, I guess I’ll wait for the anatomy scan in January and post the news after that if there’s anyone left who hasn’t heard it yet from us 🙂

S is 11 months now, he can stand while holding on to the table (or me) and crawl (not sure if this is the correct verb because it isn’t crawling in my opinion…) really fast. He’s always trying to do things that are forbidden and when I tell him no he just laughs right back at me! So much for my parental authority… We are trying to get rid of night bottle and it’s going ok. Nights are still restless sometimes and I have to go soothe him 1-5 times depending of the night. I can’t believe he’s almost a one year old already!


Second time around

October 27, 2010

This pregnancy has been different in many ways compared to my first one. The major difference being that while running after a 9 month old, running a business, doing freelancer work and studying for my Master’s on the side I simply don’t have time to think (or worry) about the pregnancy and baby a lot. And it makes me a little sad, since the first time everything was so exciting, spectacular and brand new and I was monitoring every possible symptom. Now I feel guilty that I’m not thinking about this newcomer enough and bonding with him/her. I know it’s silly since I’m only 9w1d preggo but that’s how I’m feeling. In a way this pregnancy still feels a inconceivable even though I’ve seen the heartbeat myself in the u/s.

Symptomwise it has been different too. I’m much more nauseous this time (although I’ve managed not to puke yet!). Especially around 10-12 AM after eating my breakfast. All smells make me want to vomit. Try changing a diaper full of poop or opening the dishwasher full of dirty dishes. YUCK.

The first weeks I was tired as hell but that seems to be getting a little easier now. Well I still hit the bed around 9PM. I’m also freezing all the time. Don’t have a pizza face this time, let’s hope it stays that way :D! Where as first time around I was craving everything fresh; grapes, fruit juices, pineapple, this time it’s a totally different story. I’m dying for salami, crisps and BigMacs. Pass the salt and grease please! I’m sure the maternity nurse will be thrilled to hear about my diet lately…

How I got preggo in a normal way is still a mystery to us. RE suspected that the first pregnancy cured my endo so much that it was easier to conceive in a natural way. I also think that not having to work 9 to 5 and not having to stress about everything helped. Maybe as well the fact that after the pregnancy I couldn’t lose all the kilos I had gained and my BMI is now in the “normal” scale, not underweight.

We told DH’s family last weekend and my sister-in-law said she had already guessed by looking at me! WOOT?! I can’t be showing already! Must be all the salami I’ve enjoyed.