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Countdown to IUI starts today!

September 2, 2008

Yep, it’s CD1. Had the shortest cycle ever. As I O’d already on cd13, this cycle was only 25 days long. And AF totally caught me surprise, which is RARE for anyone with endo. Usually it’s bad, BAD and worse cramps a whole week before AF’s dear visit but this time I only had mild back pain. I thank the acupuncture for this.

CD1 means IUI in two weeks if everything goes normally! Woohoo! Things are rolling! Tomorrow before returning to work from holiday’s I’ll go do my CD2 bloodwork and make an appointment for the u/s around CD9-11. My guess is we’ll have IUI on Friday 12th September or Monday the 15th as our clinic isn’t open on weekends. I just hope I won’t O on Sunday then.

About the trip. It was awesome. I can’t really describe Lapland. It’s Finland but at the same time it feels like a completely different world. The sceneries are beautiful in a bare way; nothing much really grows there and you mostly see rugged fells, crystal clear lakes and the sky. It feels like the sky is much closer to you there because the only trees that grow there are small fell birches. I love the place. It’s magical. My father’s mother was born in Lapland and even though she has lived most of her adult life in southern Finland I’ve always felt that Lapland still is very important to her and visiting the place is a way of honoring my roots. She is 91 years old and a really tough cookie.

We left Helsinki on Wednesday morning and drove some 8 hours (well DH drove, I kept company) via west coast and towns Vaasa and Kokkola to Oulu to my friends place where we spent the night.

Next morning I went to a clinic to do my CD21 bloodwork and then I drove most of the time until Kilpisjärvi. Up north driving is fun; no other cars around, only occasional reindeers and an open road with breathtaking sceneries around you. For the last 100km I was grinning like an idiot; the sun was shining and the landscape grew more and more beautiful each passing kilometer. When we got to Kilpisjärvi it was 5PM and we immediately left for the 11km hike.

Our beloved Fiat (piece of shit, really)

Our beloved Fiat (piece of shit, really)

The brave hikers ready for take off

The brave hikers ready for take off

I was so happy to be there again. I walked the same trail 6 years ago with my ex (geek who dumped me to get a more obedient and easy-going girlfriend but that’s another story) and all these years I’ve waited to go back. As we left so late there were no other hikers around. Just us and the vast nature. And silence. I soon noticed though that as 6 years ago I was 20 years old and had the stamina and energy of an 20 year old, now at 26 I felt like an crippled old lady trying to make my way through the rocky hills with my heart racing in my throat. Neverthless, the views were completely worth the pain.

After the last picture the battery of my shitty camera died so I don’t have a visual proof of the rest of the evening. We got to the camping spot around 10PM and noticed that the little cabin there was already full with damn scouts so we had no other option than to sleep in the tent. At the moment the temp was maybe +3C. We cooked some chicken stew with our trek cooker and put all the clothes we had on. Note to self: next time, buy a proper sleeping bag, not a cheap one. During the night the temp crept under 0C and it was really cold. I slept maybe two hours during the whole night. Next morning when I got up I felt like someone had beated me thorougly with a baseball bat. We decided that one night playing the survivors was enough and called a cabin rental place and reserved accommodation for the following two nights in a lodge with our own sauna. We visited the place where Finland’s, Sweden’s and Norway’s borders cross and I’m sorry I don’t have a picture from there, it’s a really beautiful spot by the lake with mountains around. Then we packed our things again and started the hike back. Those 11 km were quite painful, my left shoulder was really hurting because of carrying the backpack and I felt the flu creeping back on me. But the thought of a warm sauna kept us going.

We got finally to the lodge and it was much better than what we had hoped for. Our own sauna, a huge kitchen, bedroom upstairs and even a tv to watch the new season of Finnish Big Brother! That’s me chilling after the sauna, feeling very happy.

Next morning we headed to Norway by car. Kilpisjärvi is just on the border of Finland and Norway, but already after crossing the border (there are no formalities, you just drive to another country) the sceneries change. Norway has much higher mountains and of course the Arctic Sea.

In the afternoon the sun was shining again and we climbed to the Fell Saana on Finland’s side. I’ve done the climb twice before, first at about 11 years age and again 6 years ago. Needless to say, views were magnificent.

Next morning we bid the place goodbye and drove som 7 hours to Rovaniemi, where we booked us a place on the night train. The ticket for our car costed as much the ticket for both of us together! We also visited Santa Claus’ village and even met the man himself. You weren’t allowed to take your own photos there, but could only buy the overpriced picture they took so I don’t have a picture from there. But meeting Santa was quite exciting 🙂 You all know that he lives in Finland, right? The place was filled with souvenir shops all selling the same expensive shit. Didn’t buy anything. Our train left 9PM and we were back in Helsinki 8.30 next morning. The train was super-modern; we even had our own shower and felt like little astronauts in our small cabin.

Tomorrow back to work (blah!), next weekend Tallinn and maybe IUI soon! I’m crossing my fingers and toes hoping this will work. It’s only 20% chance but somebody has to be that 20%, right?!