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Kick-ass bitch

August 13, 2008

I enrolled to a kickboxing class, it’ll start next Tuesday! I’m going with a friend and it’s only 100m away from our house so I possibly can’t allow myself any excuses for not going there. No more slouching on the couch with reality shows! I used to do karate back in the teen years and thaiboxing a few years ago and it was so much fun, I hope this will be too. And hope to get some of those anxieties, stress and aggressions out of me! This is one step towards my old self. Next I’ll dye my hair back to screaming red πŸ˜€

My visit to the homeopathic doctor was quite a disappointment this time. She seemed to be clueless with what to do with me, and we only increased my dosage of sepia, no new remedies were prescribed. It felt like 70 euros flushed in the toilet. I’m thinking about switching from her to the acupunction since it seems much more efficient. I already emailed one chinese acupuncturist near us about his timetables and the costs, hopefully he’ll answer soon.


A visit to the Reflexologist

August 12, 2008

I had a visit to the reflexologist again. Maybe my 4th or 5th, not quite sure anymore when was the first time. I love that lady. She has endo too and wasn’t able to get pregnant even with ivf but she’s definetely not bitter nor sad. She told me that the clinic we chose has had really good reviews and people have told that the staff there is very friendly and compassionate, which unfortunately isn’t the case in public hospital where she was treated. That’s one reason I don’t want to go to the public doctors. Not only I would have to wait 6 months for the treatments to begin, but unfortunately the doctors on public sector tend not to see you as a person with feelings, only as a patient with a disease and they have too many patients to take care of. I know it would cost almost nothing to go to the public hospital for IF treatments but I think this is a subject where money doesn’t matter that much.

The spots on my right foot were much more achy than the ones in left, so maybe my body is a bit out of balance. Anyway it was soooo relaxing and nice again, to lay under a blanket and have somebody massage your ears and feet. Today I have the appointment for the homeopathy doctor, she’s a nice lady too and talking with her last time was really therapeutic. I’m curious what kind of homeopathic medicine she’ll offer, because last time she was talking about some remedies that might help.

I’m also thinking about having acupuncture. I’ve had it done a few times before and it’s really relaxing and helped my blood pressure instantly by lowering it for some 10 units in a few minutes. I guess I’m a bit of a junkie for these alternative treatments too πŸ˜‰


False hope

August 8, 2008

It’s CD 28, temp dropped to 36.7C this morning. All the small hopes I had inside dropped as well. Why do I torture myself each month thinking that these cramps and pains might somehow be different? That this time It would have worked despite the pains which are IDENTICAL to the ones I’ve had each cycle for 13 months? Why do I keep fooling myself? I feel exactly the same as every month before the menses.

My chart looks exactly like two months before; dip from over 37C to 36.7C just before CD1. So come on AF, I know you are coming so you might as well show your ugly face! Only thing that I don’t understand is the long LP. According to my ff I’m on 15DPO and my usual LP is 10-12 days. Maybe I didn’t O on CD13. Maybe it was much later. And it doesn’t really mean shit at this point which day I O’d!

Next week I’m having a reflexologist appointment on Monday and a homeopathic doctor appointment on Tuesday. I hope that those nice hippies could help me.

Yesterday I had a girl-evening just by myself as hubby was working in another town. I listened to Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine (made me feel much better), cooked meatballs (btw they are Finnish not Swedish!) and salad, slouched on the couch with a women’s magazine watching halfly Canada’s next top model (I think Finland might be the only country in the world where they run foreign reality show’s on tv) andΒ  then put BH90210 on the dvd player (it was the episode where Brandon gets work at the Peach Pit). And totally enjoyed myself πŸ™‚

It’s like October here. Pouring rain and 12C. If the weather doesn’t change before my holiday in the end of August I’m gonna start consider moving to Ibiza.


Delayed ovulation

July 2, 2008

In the beginning of this cycle i caught the flu, and it lasted for over a week. Sore throat, mild fever, head full of snot and as a result I also didn’t ovulate on the usual days 16-18. Now it’s cycle day 30 on my usual 28-30 cycle and I think I ovulated just yesterday or the day before.

How do I know this? Today my bbt was 36.8 C, 0.1C higher than the highest I’ve been getting before ovulation, my nipples have been really sore for a few days (=this occurs almost every month during ovulation and YES of course I tested a big fat negative for pregnancy) and I’ve had the usual pain on my ovaries + the changes in my cervical mucus. Only that I’ve hadn’t gotten a + on my OPK, but I didn’t have the strips with me on the holiday because I wanted to have a break from them as well. So if I really ovulated yesterday, I should expect my period on cd 41-42, as my luteal phase tends to be around 11 days. This will be the longest cycle I’ve had during this year, I had one 37 days a few months ago.

I had 10 days holiday from work and we traveled to Slovenia. Maybe the best trip I’ve ever made. The picture of me below tells it all! We rented a car and explored the western part of the beautiful country, from alpine sceneris in the north to the Italian-styled Adriatic sea on the south. I didn’t think of work one single minute, however I did think about conceiving. It is almost impossible to get it out of my mind these days. However, a lot of effort was made for that goal on the holiday and it wasn’t stressful at all πŸ˜‰

Before the trip I visited a homeopathic doctor due to a friend’s recommendation. She has PCOs and said that homeopathy has really helped her with the pains. I’m always open to try all “new-agy” and alternative stuff so I went there with a curious mind. The doctor was a really nice 50ish woman and I spent an hour and a half talking about myself. Not just all my medical symptoms (like my migraine, endomteriosis, skin problems, hihg blood pressure, stress, anxiety…) but everything about me. She asked among other things whether I like thunderstorms or not, do I like the see, what do I do preferably on my spare time, which food I enjoy and which ones I hate. Just talking with her made me feel so much better.

I was prescribed sepia for my symptoms and also a cell mineral (the name of which I can’t remember). I know a lot of people see these healers just as tricksters trying to get your money, but I’m willing to believe it works. At least my mood has been a lot better since starting taking the remedies, no more anxiety attacks. I also visit a reflexologist on a regular basis, it is one of the most relaxing things I know and should help on endo as well.

Overall, I’m feeling quite positive and bright about everything. If this cycle or next one doesn’t bring the wanted results, we’ll go to a clinic and get more help.