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Progress, finally!

November 19, 2015

It’s been 2,5 months since my last post and I’m glad to say I have made progress! I’m at 59,3 kg now and not planning to lose any weight any more, only gaining more muscle and firming the mid section.

I had my monthly appointment with the physiotherapist and she stated my progress also. My mid section is much stronger, my belly is smaller and generally my posture has improved a lot.

From August I have lost 6 cm in my waistline.

20151113_065330 20151113_065307

How I got here? By sticking most days to the low carb and low calory diet (ok, weekends excluded) and training 3 times a week. Once a week I attend a pilates class, once a week I have gone jogging (only 3 km but anyway) and once a week we have a one hour circuit training class with personal trainer at my work place (really really efficient and rewarding!). I’ve also tried to do my physio exercises a couple of times during the week but not so often lately, need to put more effort there.

Despite the good progress with diastasis I also have had some issues with endo lately.. I visited my gynecologist and she sent me further to specialized hospital for more detailed exams after Christmas. They are probably going to do an MRI scan to see if my bowel is attached to other tissue due to the symptoms I’ve had (pain on the left side of my belly and constipation all the time). I really hope there’s no need for surgery but at the same time I’m so sick of the never ending endo struggle.


Comparing these two rounds

February 3, 2011
First round Second round
How long did it take We started ttc in July 2007, treatments in August 2008, got first bfp 2nd May 2009 so it took us 1 year and 10 months. I threw away bcp in June 2010 because my body didn’t co-operate with them anymore, got bfp 20th September 2011 so 3 rounds.
How did we get there? Medically assisted FET after IVF (gonal-F, prednisone, progesterone supplies) Using OPKs, eating vitamins and having sex 🙂
First positive hpt/hcg? 10dpt faint positive hpt, 12dpt hcg 24, 19dpt hcg 418 12dpo positive hpt, no clue of the hcg values
First early pregnancy symptoms? Pissed off really badly, AF cramps, back pain, pms-feeling, huge zit on my face Implantation spotting at 5-6dpo, tired, stuffed nose, high bbt, dizzy feeling when rising up
Symptoms in the beginning Brownish spotting a few days, fatigue, hangoverish feeling Spotting a few days, terrible fatigue, hangoverish feeling, much worse nausea than first round
Symptoms around the halfway Feeling good and energetic, some cramps in calves during the night, terrible heartburn attacks Tired, hungry, braxton-hicks from 17 weeks on if I work too hard, horrible back pain from 12 weeks after walking or when trying to get up frome the sofa
Face Bad case of hormonal acne during the first trimester Nothing too bad (yet)
Breasts Grew from B-cup to D-cup About D-cup now, grew really fast
Linea negra Yep Not visible (at least yet)
Stretch marks On my ass but not on belly No visible yet
Cravings Everything fresh; fruit, juice, salad Everything greasy and salty; hamburgers, french fries, potato crisps, sodas, ice-cream
Movement Around 16-17 weeks Around 17 weeks
Starting weight 56kg (123.2 lbs) 60kg (132 lbs)
Weight gain so far (about 22weeks) +5.5kg (12.1 lbs) +2.8kg (6.2 lbs)
Ending weight, total weight gain 71,5kg (157.3 lbs), +15.5kg (34.1 lbs) No clue yet!
Sf-measurement around 22 weeks 22 cm 22 cm

1st pregnancy 21w4d

2nd pregnancy 21w3d

Gender Had no clue beforehand 🙂 it was a boy! No we know what to expect 🙂

Second time around

October 27, 2010

This pregnancy has been different in many ways compared to my first one. The major difference being that while running after a 9 month old, running a business, doing freelancer work and studying for my Master’s on the side I simply don’t have time to think (or worry) about the pregnancy and baby a lot. And it makes me a little sad, since the first time everything was so exciting, spectacular and brand new and I was monitoring every possible symptom. Now I feel guilty that I’m not thinking about this newcomer enough and bonding with him/her. I know it’s silly since I’m only 9w1d preggo but that’s how I’m feeling. In a way this pregnancy still feels a inconceivable even though I’ve seen the heartbeat myself in the u/s.

Symptomwise it has been different too. I’m much more nauseous this time (although I’ve managed not to puke yet!). Especially around 10-12 AM after eating my breakfast. All smells make me want to vomit. Try changing a diaper full of poop or opening the dishwasher full of dirty dishes. YUCK.

The first weeks I was tired as hell but that seems to be getting a little easier now. Well I still hit the bed around 9PM. I’m also freezing all the time. Don’t have a pizza face this time, let’s hope it stays that way :D! Where as first time around I was craving everything fresh; grapes, fruit juices, pineapple, this time it’s a totally different story. I’m dying for salami, crisps and BigMacs. Pass the salt and grease please! I’m sure the maternity nurse will be thrilled to hear about my diet lately…

How I got preggo in a normal way is still a mystery to us. RE suspected that the first pregnancy cured my endo so much that it was easier to conceive in a natural way. I also think that not having to work 9 to 5 and not having to stress about everything helped. Maybe as well the fact that after the pregnancy I couldn’t lose all the kilos I had gained and my BMI is now in the “normal” scale, not underweight.

We told DH’s family last weekend and my sister-in-law said she had already guessed by looking at me! WOOT?! I can’t be showing already! Must be all the salami I’ve enjoyed.


Not over yet

October 1, 2010

I seriously thought that this time it would be different; no worries about betas and I would just smoothly end up with a baby. Honestly, a second after I said to DH how nice it is not to worry so much this time the spotting started. Like a punishment from the universe for taking this too light-heartedly.

I’m not giving up hope though. Spotting ceased yesterday after the morning and today I’ve only had a little and it’s light. And I had terrible cramps with some light brown spotting last time too. But what worries me is that last time it was very light and yesterday it was dark brown with a hint of blood. To reassure myself  I did one of the digital hpts that tell you how far your pregnancy is and got pregnant 3+ (means 5 weeks and more). So that helped for a little while, at least my hcg levels are where they should be at this point.

The first u/s feels like lightyears away, it’s on 13th October. I hope we get that far without any further drama. And I hope so much to see that flickering heartbeat.


Of course

September 30, 2010

Of course this couldn’t be too easy.

I started brown spotting last night, accompanied with mild back and stomach pain.


TTC round 2

July 28, 2010

It’s so hot in here I would give my right arm for a normal Finnish summer. +30C (86F) the whole month is too much for us eskimos. People go crazy and drown in masses. Sure it’s nothing compared to Spain last summer. But enough is enough thank you very much. I’m not going outside anymore.

The first ttc#2 cycle is over. And guess what, I’m not pregnant. What a surprise!

This cycle was weird for many ways. CD1 started when I had forgotten to take one bcp and decided to throw the pack away even though I was on day 10 or something and hadn’t finished it yet. So I’m not even sure if I ovulated this month. Usually it’s really easy to pinpoint my ovulation even without OPKs; the pain is recognizable and sharp. Now I had a totally different kind of dull pain on several days so I have no clue whether I really ovulated or not.

And on top of that, AF totally caught me by surprise and arrived yesterday without any notice. Usually I know her coming a week beforehand from all lovely endo symptoms.

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed. Secretly I still wish for a magical natural pregnancy although I know that the odds are not on our side. A friend whose baby is now 8 months old got preggo right after starting ttc#2. I can’t even imagine how that must feel, to have your dreams fulfilled so easily.

I want to get preggo really badly. I want to be able to travel through that experience again. Unlike many other women, I enjoyed being pregnant a lot. I wasn’t too nauseous, too tired or too ill. I was thriving and loving my belly and kicking baby from the bottom of my heart. And of course the main reason is that we want to have a sibling for S. Another screaming, pooping and tantrum throwing lovely little monster that will drive us crazy.

I guess we’ll see for a couple of cycles if the natural miracle would fall on us. When If it doesn’t, we’ll move on to medicated IUI. And after that we have the chance for one FET. And after that it would be another fresh IVF cycle we honestly can’t afford since I spent all of granny’s inheritance on a new work computer.


I’m just going to blurt this out…

June 8, 2010

I posted this originally on May 23rd but wordpress somehow kept it unpublished.

I think I had a chemical.

I was waiting last week for AF to show for the second time after S’s birth so I could start bcps for endo.  She didn’t arrive on the day I was expecting her. There were some strange twinges in my uterus, my temps flew high (over 37c) and I had a feeling. So like any possessed poaser  I bought hpts. And got the faintest possible line, you know the kind you have to half imagine to see it. AF didn’t arrive on the next few days so of course I bought some more. And got again those imaginary lines on a few of them. My heart was racing like crazy. Could I be preggo? Omg are we going to have another baby and so soon?

Well I wasn’t preggo. Not for real anyway, AF showed up 5 days late and the hpts started to show nothing. But I believe I could have been pregnant for a second without any dildocams or hormones and that’s freaking amazing. Maybe I could get pregnant on my own. Or then again, maybe I was just imagining those ghost lines.

I started the bcps anyway. I know some might ask why not ttc right away? Because I don’t want to face any disappointments yet. I don’t want to start monitoring my body yet, counting the dpos, temping, hallusinating on symptoms, crying when AF arrives. TTC and relaxing don’t go hand in hand in my world. I start obsessing on the second I feel ovulation and can’t stop myself from checking all possible and impossible signs. So during this summer I’m going to enjoy my life and hope that endo stays under control. In the autumn we’ll hop on the ttc-train again but that will be another story.

I truly hope bcps will help with my endo. After S’s birth I’ve gotten now two periods and let me tell you, my left ovary has started a demonic life of its own. Feels like someone’s tied a knot there and keeps pulling it more tightly.

Along with the bcps breastfeeding is now totally over. I feel partly sad about this but try not to guilt myself too much. S has now started to taste some veggies and fruit; potatoes, carrots, bananas, plums and yesterday I treated him with strawberry. He’s such a big boy already. We watched a video footage from his first week and I had already forgotten that he was so tiny once.