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And continues…

May 12, 2009

I called RE today and she told me to come in for u/s on Monday and continue taking Prednisone and progesterone. She said that the figure is still low but on Monday we’ll know more and no additional betas are needed before that. HOW IN EARTH WILL I SURVIVE UNTIL MONDAY?!!!

Luckily I have much to do this week to keep me away from the evil internets. I started the Russian course yesterday and WOOah what a language; they have 7 different phonemes for the letter s (all written differentely of course). My brains are melting. Yesterday and this evening is only about the alphabet (those strange Greek looking characters) and on Wednesday we’ll start the actual course. Many words are loans from English and Finnish has loaned again from Russian so that makes learning a bit easier.

On Saturday we’ll have a 90’s theme party :D! Of course beforehand I had planned to drink all the nostalgic yucky sweet booze brands I used to enjoy (in excess) in my teens but  I guess that’s now out of the question. And how in hell me not drinking is going to go unnoticed (this is Finland and it’s compulsory to drink)? I guess I’ll just have to tell everyone where we stand now even though the future of this still remains very uncertain and I’d like to save the news for later. I’m probably not going to believe I’m pregnant before going in for labor. I wish we get so far. I wish so many things. Like a heartbeat on Monday for starters.

I booked the flights for Spain on 30th June to 7th July. According to the internets Andalucia looks just perfect!


Suspense continues…

May 11, 2009

My beta #2 was 418 this morning (19dpt). That’s a decent doubling time, but still a low figure. The nurse didn’t know what we should do and told me to call RE tomorrow. She did say this could be a normal pregnancy and the embryo has just implanted a little late. I’m on pins and needles. Am I preggo for real or not?!!!

My symptoms say yes; the nausea has crept back and my breasts started to hurt on Saturday. I also fell asleep on the couch just before making the call for the results even though I was scared and anxious out of my mind and I’ve woken up at 6AM for most mornings since Thursday. Also the hpts I’ve been obsessively poasing on started to get darker around Thursday.

Please, let us have a happy ending.