IF history

A 26 27 28 years old Finnish woman with endometriosis trying to get pregnant again after failed IUIs and IVF and one successful FET cycle.

TTC history:

6/2007 started ttc and threw away BCP

11/2007 Diagnosed with endometriosis

14th May 2008 Endometriosis operated in laparoscopy

May 2008 Husbands SA, normal results otherwise but high antibody levels

21st August 2008 First visit with RE, planning IUI on natural cycle for September. Uterus & ovaries look normal.

28th August 2008 CD20 bloodwork (progesterone), result 30 (ovulatory cycle!)

3rd September 2008 CD2 bloodwork (FSH&LH), FSH result 6.7 (normal), LH result 5.8 (normal)

8th September 2008 CD7 bloodwork (thyrotropin & prolactin)

10th September 2008 CD9 u/s, 15mm follicle on right side, uterian lining 7mm

15th September 2008 IUI #1

27th September 2008 BFN, CD1

10th October 2008 IUI#2, low sperm count (1 million)

21st October 2008 BFN

7th November 2008 IUI#3, sperm count 8 million, progesterone supplies for 14 days starting 3 days after O

18th November 2008 BFN

15th December 2008 IUI#4, sperm count 8 million, mobility 97% after the wash, lining 8.9mm, progesterone supplies for 14 days starting 3 days after O

29th December 2008 BFN

14th January 2009 IVF/ICSI-consultation

20th January 2009 CD21, start suppression with nasal spray every 12 hours

28th January 2009 AF

3rd February 2009 Baseline u/s, start Gonal-F (first dosage 225iu a day, 150 after that) Reduce nasal spray to half the dosage

14th February 2009 Trigger

16th February 2009 15 follicles on retrieval, 9 eggies found

19th February 2009 SET, 4 embies frozen

2nd March 2009 BFN

7th April 2009 start 150iu Gonal-F every other day + Predinsone pills (cortisone) every day

17th April 2009 Trigger, one 18mm follie on the left side. Lining 7,7mm

22nd April 2009 FET, one embryo transferred.

2nd May 2009 First positive (faint) HPT in my life, waiting anxiously for beta…

4nd May 2009 12dpt Beta#1: 24

11th May 2009 19dpt Beta#2: 418

18th May 2009 First u/s, I’m really pregnant!

3rd January 2010 Sisu is born after 24 hours of labor, 3135g and 49cm

June 2010 Start ttc round 2

20th September 2010 BFP!

13th October 2010 Heartbeat at u/s!

28th May 2011 Little Sister is born after8 hours of labor, 3314g and 48cm


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