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August 16, 2015

It’s been 3 weeks of diet so far and I’m at 62,1kg, so I’ve managed to drop 2,3 kg (5lb 1.1oz)! Of course the weight has shifted up and down and on the lowest point I got to 61,3 kg, only to have it at 63,3 kg two days later (then I was ready to quit the whole project).

Ditching sugar hasn’t been as difficult I had anticipated. Ice-cream is my cryptonite, I could eat the whole box in one setting. I have followed my diet quite well, only occasional odysseys to the lure of white bread, potatoes and rice (sushi!). The rule of not eating after 7 PM had to be loosened though, as sometimes it’s impossible to have dinner before 20 in this circus.

Although my belly looks smaller in pics below compared to previous ones, with my diastasis recti I don’t see too much improvement yet. I’m having an appointment with my physiotherapist tomorrow and I hope she can give me good advice on what to eat and how to exercise more. I signed in for a pilates class and I need to know if there are some exercises I should skip because of DR.

I was looking at my pregnancy photos for my firstborn and even there at weeks as early as 6 and 7 my belly looked pretty much like it’s looking now. I’m starting to question if I could have had DR already before the kids? At least I’ve always had really poor posture that could be seen in those photos too. My back has really strong lordosis¬†resulting in pelvic tilt which makes the DR effect much worse.

150816 150816left 150816front

All pics taken first thing in the morning with core muscles relaxed.