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Third one on the way? No, even though I look like it.

June 15, 2015

Hello there my old friends and new ones. It’s been very very quiet here, since I haven’t been on ttc any more. My daughter just turned 4 and she’s the greatest. When other girls wanted a face paint on a birthday party they asked for princess, cat or a butterfly. And dear S? She wanted Turtles. But settled for a spider because the lady couldn’t paint Turtles as she didn’t have green colour on her stock.

We’ve had our ups and serious downs with DH but still after all the struggles we are together. It hasn’t been easy in any sense.

We’ve also had discussions of the possibility for the third child. But in several ways it feels that train has already passed. In a way I’m ridiculously sure that something would go wrong if I got pregnant the third time. No one can be that lucky. And as cute as newborns are, I remember too vividly the nights of not sleeping at all and being a complete zombie. Or actually don’t remember, if there weren’t photos of year 2011 and 2012 I couldn’t say what the hell happened in our life.

As for endometriosis, I’ve got the greatest doctor and she put me on this drug called Visanne. I’ve been on it for a year and it’s heaven. No period, no pain, no side effects. Only thing you can count as a minus is the price, but I’m happy to pay for this feeling.

Let’s get back on track and explain the title.

A few weeks ago a colleague was leaving and on her party another colleague (childless, 60ish lady) asked me in front of everyone “when are you starting your maternity leave?” “I’m not, thank you very much” I answered irritated.

But it’s true. I look 4 months preggo and that’s not good.

I used to be able to eat whatever and nothing sticked. Those days are definetely over. It’s 10 kg after the babies and even though I don’t mind the bigger boobs and booty it’s the mommytummy I want to get rid of.

Earlier I couldn’t really tell what was swelling from endo and what was not. Now that I feel pretty much endo free I started some googling with “diastasis recti“. I visited a doctor recently and she examined my abdomen and confirmed my doubts; my abs are separated but luckily not very severely. Today I had my first appointment with the physiotherapist and she did an ultrasound confirming the same condition.

The physiotherapist was great. She gave me two excercises to work on and promised if I followed the routine I would see results already in a month. The problem is not only how my belly looks. The problem is also my mid torso weakness; I cannot sit for a long time straight. I want to get my posture right and loose the preggo look. Not so much lose weight, maybe 2-3 kg would be nice (I’m now 63kg) but basically just to look and feel normal again.

So this blog will become alive at least for a while, and I will report my proceeding with the project. Next time I promise pictures!