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Getting settled

June 7, 2011


Curious little sister

Life with two children means a lot more chaos than before and one has to be hell of a good organizer to get through the every day tasks. Us four leaving to the play park every morning takes about 45 minutes of preparation beforehand, wonder how I’ll manage it when DH’s paternity leave ends after two weeks?

It is true that the second baby doesn’t get as much attention as the firstborn since a lot of energy and time is needed to watch after a 1,5 year old. And it is also so much easier this time to take care of a baby, since we trust our own instincts and know that the baby is doing fine. She loves eating, and breastfeeding is going well now. Today we have a weighing so we’ll see how much’s she’s grown already at the ripe age of 10 days 🙂

I’m wondering what to do with this blog, since I’m not keen on sharing too much about my family life on the internet and I don’t even know if anyone is following anymore. Also I don’t have time to post too often so this has become a blog desert with a post here and there. I’m going to leave all the posts public as they are now, since many people searching for information about IF-treatments seem to come here. As for new posts, I don’t know if there will be any. If you want to know what’s happening with us, you can leave a comment with your email info (other’s won’t see your email) and I can befriend you in FB. My feed is mostly in Finnish but pictures are a universal language 🙂