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Getting ready!

April 29, 2011

I’m 90% sure this baby will come early. I’m 35w2days today and been having AF-kind of cramping for a while + a ton of braxton-hicks. On Monday I have an extra u/s because of the placenta issues at S’s birth (normally the last u/s here is around 20weeks…) and on Tuesday the doctor will check my cervix if there’s any process to be seen.

We have the baby’s bed and nursing table ready and I already started to pack the hospital bag 🙂 Exciting and scary!

S is going to my parents for this weekend since this might be the last time in a long while that we’ll get to spend some quality time together. We’re going to see Scream4 and eat in a restaurant serving pacific cuisine 🙂 Tomorrow we’ll have the May day brunch with some friends and then cook Russian blinis and other good stuff in the evening. Can’t wait!

Now I must turn on the telly and start to watch William and Kate exchanging vows 🙂


Can’t wait…

April 20, 2011

..for this baby to come already! I’m 34 weeks today and this pregnancy is truly starting to take it’s toll.

I can only walk the 200 meters to the nearest grocery store and back before having contractions and feeling like giving birth any minute. Everything gives me heartburn, all the time. I also feel like there’s no air left in my lungs since I’m carrying my belly quite high. Add to that the constantly stuffed nose, I’m practically not breathing any more. I’m crying over so stupid stuff it’s beyond ridiculous. My relationship with DH has seen much better times. I’m cramping and feeling really uncomfortable almost all the time. My calves are cramping every night and I have to pee every two seconds. Plus I’m shit scared about how this all is going to work out with a newborn added to a toddler with a temper.

Actually, I’m pretty sure I will be in labor before the EDD 1st June, since I’m having so many braxton-hicks and cramps every day. My doctor’s appointment is next week and she’ll check the cervix then. I had a birth planning session with a midwife this week where we discussed the possible pain relievement methods I want to use during labor. Since entonox worked so well last time I’ll surely try it again. And if the pain gets too intense/labor lasts forever I’m willing to have an epidural. Last time it helped me to dilate from 4cm to 10cm in an hour, after suffering hours and hours in the 4cm limbo before having it.

We changed our car to a bigger one and got S a new (used) bed so his old bed will go to the baby. Finding a double stroller is apparently a challenge of its own, since we want’ to get a model where the other kid sits behind the other (we use public transport a lot so the stroller needs to fit into elevators etc.) and there are not many such models available here. Yesterday we went to check out the Phil & Teds strollers but I’m not really convinced that the child sitting in front is totally safe… Plus you can’t adjust the sitting position at all and there’s no padded cover for winter times (a must with our -20C winters).

Ahh, the heartburn is here again…