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Room of his own

February 20, 2011

S moved to his own room about a month ago.ย  Or actually me and DH moved our bed to other room (that used to be my office) and S stayed in our old bedroom, now having all that space just for him. Having separate bedrooms is heaven. I sleep a zillion times better and so does S, as he won’t wake up at the time we go to bed. And now we can even talk or cuddle when going to sleep without waking him up! Amazing!

While we were all sleeping in the same room I slept really light and woke up every time there was even a slight noise from his bed. Now I can sleep several hours in a row without waking up. I’m so going to enjoy thisย  luxury until it lasts! S is sleeping much better now too, he some times wakes up around 10-11PM needing the pacifier but he now sleeps even until 8.30AM. I can’t describe what a difference it is to wake up so late compared to the 6AM that was his routine all the months before.

I know a lot of people whose babies/toddler sleep in the same bed with them. I tried that for the first weeks and soon realized that it’s not for us. My neck got totally jammed and I couldn’t find a comfortable position with the baby next to me and slept really badly. So we quickly moved S to his own bed. Of course when I was still breastfeeding there were times that I fell asleep next to him during the night but as soon as I woke up I put him back to his own bed. I’m pretty sure that the newcomer will sleep in her own bed from the beginning too.

This second round I’m much more confident about my abilities how to handle this baby the best possible way. Now I know that I don’t need to follow the same routines my friends do with their children or what is stated as the best way on discussion boards. I also acknowledge that what has worked with S might well not work with the newcomer. I can only wait and see what will work for us the best way this time and take not too much pressure from the outside world. I know already that I’m not the kind of mom who’s into trying out all possible baby-hobbies, obsessing about solemnly breastfeeding the suggested 6 months or never leaving their children for someone else’s care.

I can say it out loud without any shame that I do need also time for my own to keep sane and time alone with DH to keep our relationship working.When we need a babysitter my parents are usually the ones taking care of him; in total they have spent 4 nights during this first year watching after S when me and DH have had some quality time together. We are also lucky and have friends living next door, they have helped a lot watching S a couple of times for a few hours. As our families live in different cities we are a family that travels a lot; during the first year of his life S has spent a night with us at least in 8 different places and he has met a lot of new people.

S is now walking and running like he would have done it his whole life. He loves the vacuum cleaner and all things that make big noises. He’s best friends with one of our cats and goes hugging him several times a day. He has the most wonderful smile and laughter in the world. He makes my heart melt every day.

I ordered this for the newcomer. Cute overload!


Comparing these two rounds

February 3, 2011
First round Second round
How long did it take We started ttc in July 2007, treatments in August 2008, got first bfp 2nd May 2009 so it took us 1 year and 10 months. I threw away bcp in June 2010 because my body didn’t co-operate with them anymore, got bfp 20th September 2011 so 3 rounds.
How did we get there? Medically assisted FET after IVF (gonal-F, prednisone, progesterone supplies) Using OPKs, eating vitamins and having sex ๐Ÿ™‚
First positive hpt/hcg? 10dpt faint positive hpt, 12dpt hcg 24, 19dpt hcg 418 12dpo positive hpt, no clue of the hcg values
First early pregnancy symptoms? Pissed off really badly, AF cramps, back pain, pms-feeling, huge zit on my face Implantation spotting at 5-6dpo, tired, stuffed nose, high bbt, dizzy feeling when rising up
Symptoms in the beginning Brownish spotting a few days, fatigue, hangoverish feeling Spotting a few days, terrible fatigue, hangoverish feeling, much worse nausea than first round
Symptoms around the halfway Feeling good and energetic, some cramps in calves during the night, terrible heartburn attacks Tired, hungry, braxton-hicks from 17 weeks on if I work too hard, horrible back pain from 12 weeks after walking or when trying to get up frome the sofa
Face Bad case of hormonal acne during the first trimester Nothing too bad (yet)
Breasts Grew from B-cup to D-cup About D-cup now, grew really fast
Linea negra Yep Not visible (at least yet)
Stretch marks On my ass but not on belly No visible yet
Cravings Everything fresh; fruit, juice, salad Everything greasy and salty; hamburgers, french fries, potato crisps, sodas, ice-cream
Movement Around 16-17 weeks Around 17 weeks
Starting weight 56kg (123.2 lbs) 60kg (132 lbs)
Weight gain so far (about 22weeks) +5.5kg (12.1 lbs) +2.8kg (6.2 lbs)
Ending weight, total weight gain 71,5kg (157.3 lbs), +15.5kg (34.1 lbs) No clue yet!
Sf-measurement around 22 weeks 22 cm 22 cm

1st pregnancy 21w4d

2nd pregnancy 21w3d

Gender Had no clue beforehand ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a boy! No we know what to expect ๐Ÿ™‚