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December 20, 2010

Going to the grocery store

It has been snowing like crazy in Helsinki area. We have now more snow than LAPLAND. Yesterday we were at a christmas happening with my sis selling jewelry the whole day and after that I had to dig our car out of the snow, seriously ther was half a meter of it. Luckily it’s not too cold all the time! We’ve had some -20C days but today was a tolerable -5C without wind.

S is almost walking now on his own. He spends the days getting into trouble keeps me busy. One of our cats loves to play with him and doesn’t mind the rough handling at all. He changed his rythm into one nap a day all of a sudden, 1,5 months ago he still needed three!  Nights are still a bit restless as we are trying to get rid of the bottle and pacifier. No real words yet but some that are almost there like “äiti” (mom), “kissa” (cat) and “lamppu” (lamp).

We are spending christmas with my parents at my granny’s old house. That’s where I’ve spent my first christmas too 🙂

Happy holidays everyone!


14 weeks

December 3, 2010

Nausea has passed and my only symptom is a horrible back pain I get especially if walking or standing for too long. Trying to get my ass off the couch is horrible. Last time I had this only in the last trimester so I hope it won’t get much worse… Belly is huge in the evenings as shown in the picture.

Didn’t come out of the closet in fb yet, I guess I’ll wait for the anatomy scan in January and post the news after that if there’s anyone left who hasn’t heard it yet from us 🙂

S is 11 months now, he can stand while holding on to the table (or me) and crawl (not sure if this is the correct verb because it isn’t crawling in my opinion…) really fast. He’s always trying to do things that are forbidden and when I tell him no he just laughs right back at me! So much for my parental authority… We are trying to get rid of night bottle and it’s going ok. Nights are still restless sometimes and I have to go soothe him 1-5 times depending of the night. I can’t believe he’s almost a one year old already!