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12 weeks! (with u/s pics)

November 17, 2010

12 weeks is around here a milestone after which you are pretty much safe considering miscarriage and everyone starts to tell their family and friends. Only that we have already told almost everybody, since especially DH can’t seem to manage to keep his trap shut! We are still waiting for the blood test results before coming out of the closet in FB.

Nausea has been so much worse this time, some days I’ve really have had hard time concentrating on not to vomit. And still have managed to dodge it even though I’ve been gagging a lot. I havened gained any weight since eating hasn’t been too temptating. Potato crisps make my nausea go away but usually after eating anything the nausea comes back with a vengeange. Luckily these last two days have been better. My belly is huge already. Like there’s no way hiding it huge. I have my Master’s program classes next weekend and I guess everyone is going to notice it. Which, for some crazy reason I can’t figure out, feels  a little uncomfortable.

Sunday was Father’s day in Finland. I bought DH a book called “the worst human monsters”, it’s about dictators and crazy leaders like Hitler etc. Not the typical Father’s day gift but a perfect gift for him since he’s a history maniac 😀 I also baked a cake which looked like shit but was really really good. I guess the taste is the only thing that matters!

We had the NT-scan on Monday, everything looked good and now I can relax for a second and start to wait for the movements. I’ve heard that some women feel the tiniest movements on their second pregnancy already at 13 weeks! I’m still having a little hard time understanding (despite all the symptoms) that I am actually preggo and we are going to have another baby next summer. That a natural miracle happened to us. That we didn’t have to start a new IVF-rollercoaster. I don’t know can I still call myself infertile after this pregnancy, but I know that the experience of infertility will follow me rest of my life.

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