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Second time around

October 27, 2010

This pregnancy has been different in many ways compared to my first one. The major difference being that while running after a 9 month old, running a business, doing freelancer work and studying for my Master’s on the side I simply don’t have time to think (or worry) about the pregnancy and baby a lot. And it makes me a little sad, since the first time everything was so exciting, spectacular and brand new and I was monitoring every possible symptom. Now I feel guilty that I’m not thinking about this newcomer enough and bonding with him/her. I know it’s silly since I’m only 9w1d preggo but that’s how I’m feeling. In a way this pregnancy still feels a inconceivable even though I’ve seen the heartbeat myself in the u/s.

Symptomwise it has been different too. I’m much more nauseous this time (although I’ve managed not to puke yet!). Especially around 10-12 AM after eating my breakfast. All smells make me want to vomit. Try changing a diaper full of poop or opening the dishwasher full of dirty dishes. YUCK.

The first weeks I was tired as hell but that seems to be getting a little easier now. Well I still hit the bed around 9PM. I’m also freezing all the time. Don’t have a pizza face this time, let’s hope it stays that way :D! Where as first time around I was craving everything fresh; grapes, fruit juices, pineapple, this time it’s a totally different story. I’m dying for salami, crisps and BigMacs. Pass the salt and grease please! I’m sure the maternity nurse will be thrilled to hear about my diet lately…

How I got preggo in a normal way is still a mystery to us. RE suspected that the first pregnancy cured my endo so much that it was easier to conceive in a natural way. I also think that not having to work 9 to 5 and not having to stress about everything helped. Maybe as well the fact that after the pregnancy I couldn’t lose all the kilos I had gained and my BMI is now in the “normal” scale, not underweight.

We told DH’s family last weekend and my sister-in-law said she had already guessed by looking at me! WOOT?! I can’t be showing already! Must be all the salami I’ve enjoyed.



October 13, 2010

A perfect flickering heartbeat, baby measured 9.6mm. Expected due date 1st June 2011 🙂


Thank you Robert G. Edwards

October 6, 2010

The nobel prize for medicine was awarded this year to the doctor who developed IVF. Without the work of doctors like him millions babies wouldn’t have been born, including our son.

S is now 9 months. He has 5 teeth, he can crawl as fast as the wind especially towards everything forbidden, like electric appliances and cds. He also just learned how to stand up holding to furniture. He’s such a big boy that he doesn’t feel like a baby at all! When he’s on a good mood he is a smiling and laughing little sunshine and when he’s cranky everyone will definetely hear it.

Our little whirlwind

About this pregnancy, I’m 6w1days today and still have to wait one week for my u/s. The spotting didn’t return so I’m feeling a little more optimistic. I’m not having too much symptoms though and that makes me worry a little of course. Symptoms now:

  • Tiredness, I could sleep the whole day
  • Pizza face
  • Yucky feeling in the mornings, but not too bad
  • Some cramps and twinges every now and then
  • Breasts hurt mildly when walking etc.
  • Pregnancy brain, I forget everything. Even the fact that I’m pregnant.
  • Everything even slightly emotional on tv makes me cry

Not over yet

October 1, 2010

I seriously thought that this time it would be different; no worries about betas and I would just smoothly end up with a baby. Honestly, a second after I said to DH how nice it is not to worry so much this time the spotting started. Like a punishment from the universe for taking this too light-heartedly.

I’m not giving up hope though. Spotting ceased yesterday after the morning and today I’ve only had a little and it’s light. And I had terrible cramps with some light brown spotting last time too. But what worries me is that last time it was very light and yesterday it was dark brown with a hint of blood. To reassure myself  I did one of the digital hpts that tell you how far your pregnancy is and got pregnant 3+ (means 5 weeks and more). So that helped for a little while, at least my hcg levels are where they should be at this point.

The first u/s feels like lightyears away, it’s on 13th October. I hope we get that far without any further drama. And I hope so much to see that flickering heartbeat.