Symptom watch

September 21, 2010
  • 5dpo light spotting (implantation?)
  • 6dpo -> cramps and twinges
  • 7dpo -> stuffed nose
  • 8dpo -> high bbt (over 37C)
  • 9dpo feeling very very tired the whole day
  • 10dpo -> dizzy when rising up
  • 12dpo feeling that I might really be pregnant, tiredness
  • 13dpo nauseous, hangoverish feeling, headache

I reserved an early u/s on 13th October at our RE. I already asked her whether I should be using progesterone supplies and prednisone like with the FET, but she said there’s no need. I hope she’s right and I can sustain a pregnancy on my own. I do feel pregnant at the moment and I do feel extremely lucky, but also a little scared. If everything goes well we’ll have another baby next summer and a whole lot of chaos in our house 😀


One comment

  1. YAY!! hooray for an early u/s!! i couldn’t have survived without them!! so exciting!!!! 😀

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