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Of course

September 30, 2010

Of course this couldn’t be too easy.

I started brown spotting last night, accompanied with mild back and stomach pain.


Symptom watch

September 21, 2010
  • 5dpo light spotting (implantation?)
  • 6dpo -> cramps and twinges
  • 7dpo -> stuffed nose
  • 8dpo -> high bbt (over 37C)
  • 9dpo feeling very very tired the whole day
  • 10dpo -> dizzy when rising up
  • 12dpo feeling that I might really be pregnant, tiredness
  • 13dpo nauseous, hangoverish feeling, headache

I reserved an early u/s on 13th October at our RE. I already asked her whether I should be using progesterone supplies and prednisone like with the FET, but she said there’s no need. I hope she’s right and I can sustain a pregnancy on my own. I do feel pregnant at the moment and I do feel extremely lucky, but also a little scared. If everything goes well we’ll have another baby next summer and a whole lot of chaos in our house 😀



September 20, 2010

Bfp. I just got a strong bfp at 12dpo. WTF? BFP? for free? Without any doctors, clinics, intervention? Seriously?

Of course we have been trying like crazy this month and I’ve been using OPKs and popping folic acid and omega-3:s to enhance our chances. But I seriously didn’t believe we could get preggo at home.

And of course it’s the most early of earliest and anything can happen but let me just vomit out of excitement 😀

DH doesn’t even know yet because he’s at the gym. Can’t wait to see his face.