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March 29, 2010

I came across to this great blog; posters about infertility. The author writes to the same Finnish ttc-board I used to. Since the posters are in English I thought my readers would appreciate them too.

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It’s been silent here…

March 22, 2010

Not that I would have been too busy, but I don’t really know what to write about. From my pov reading about other people’s babies is boooooring; they all eat, shit and sleep and every mother thinks their own baby is the most miraculous on earth (btw all other moms are wrong because OUR baby is the most perfect child on earth ;)!).

But I’ll share some things about our basic baby life anyway! S is a very happy baby most of the time, he chatters and smiles a lot and his smile could melt an iceberg. Last time at nurse’s office two weeks ago he weighed 6040g and measured 58,5cm already. Stomach problems are luckily over and he is sleeping sometimes even 6 hours in a row! Yay for that! Unfortunately his waking-up process starts around 4-5 AM; he is still asleep but very noisy and I’m trying desperately to get some sleep with earplugs on. The days of sleeping late are officially over; we get up around 7-7.30 every morning and in the evening he goes to bed around 8-9PM.

I’m still breastfeeding about 80% of the time and not feeling quilty about formula anymore. S eats about every 3 hours, this varies a lot. Some times it’s every 2 hours, some times (in the night) every 6 hours. We try to go out every day if the weather permits and walk about an hour, he always falls asleep on the stroller. At home he continues to nap for an hour or two. A couple of hours later I try to make him take his nap no.2 but this doesn’t always work. He loves to spend time on a blanket my mom has made and watch his toys and talk to them 🙂 He also likes to watch me cooking or baking; little one has inherited his parents love for food!

Most of the time we spend at home; I haven’t taken him to city center yet since moving around there and nursing etc. in public doesn’t seem too temptating. We’ve been to the local shopping center a few times for a short while but S gets easily upset if the stroller stops moving and it gets too warm for him inside.

I try to have some “freetime” every week just for myself as DH is strongly supporting it; a cup of coffee (or a cider!) with friends for example. I even started zumba-classes with my cousin to get back to shape :D! As much as I love my baby and being with him, I also need to get out of the house on my own in order to keep sane and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud. Next month I’ll start two online courses for my Master’s degree and I’m already excited about doing something with my brain after a while!

We are already started to dream about baby no. 2. Crazy. I made an appointment with our RE to talk about my endo; I alredy have had some intense ovarian pains and I’m pretty sure it’s that crap growing back even though AF hasn’t showed her ugly mug yet. One thing I’m really disappointed with our clinic is that they didn’t send any congratulations after S was born. All we got in the mail was a bill for preserving our 2 frozen embryos for a year!

The men of my life

My cousin has a workmate who has been going through if-treatments for a long while with no success. Recently they found out yet another transfer resulted in negative and my cousin asked me what could she say to her colleague to make her feel better. I pondered for a while and finally said that there really is nothing you can say in that situation, that would make it better. “It will happen some day” or “you are still young” sound so corny and awful. I think the best one can do is just to be there and show that you care.

Yet life CAN change. Misery can go away, but there are no definete promises it will happen.  Life is uncertain and you never know what you get. A little over one year ago I was in a million pieces and thought there was no hope for us, ever. And now we have this chubby little guy whose face I want to kiss again and again and I know how extremely lucky we are to have him.