1 month already

February 3, 2010

Both guys equally interested in toys

Baby is one month already and growing like crazy. He was already 4,1 kilos and 53,5cm before 3 weeks and now we have another appointment next Friday, I’m sure he’s reaching 5kg soon. Some clothes are already too small for him! He eats like crazy too and we’ve given him formula a few times when it has seemed my milk isn’t enough or when I’ve needed a few extra hours of sleep and DH has fed him (pumping is quite difficult for me). Everyone says he looks exactly like his father and looking at DH’s baby photos they could almost be twins.

We haven’t been sleeping much as the little guy eats every 1,5-2 hours at night too and likes to wake up at 5 AM to make noises. He also has had some gas problems and crying at night because of them. It’s not roses and sunshines every single minute (or even hour) espcecially when I can’t always tell why is he crying and don’t know how to soothe him. Motherhood unfortunately comes with quilt; introducing formula and pacifier to the baby and using disposable diapers are something an aware mother wouldn’t do. In Finland “natural” babycare with 6 months of full breastfeeding and washable diapers is glorified sometimes a little too much at the moment. I try to think that in a large scale those are little things and as long as the baby is healthy, fed and loved he is going to grow up “normal”.

Because we have had the coldest and snowiest winter in years we haven’t had many chances to go out with the baby as it’s not recommended if the temp is under -10C. We’ve had some -25 days here… Luckily now it seems to be getting a little warmer although we have piles of snow everywhere; pushing the troller in the snow drift can be compared to a good workout!

It’s still a little strange that this little human being, a person of his own, came out of us and is now a part of our family. I love looking at his face and seeing his eyes staring into mine.


One comment

  1. He’s such a handsome little dude! Don’t feel bad for a moment about giving him formula or using disposable diapers. The most important this is for you to be a happy momma, because if you’re happy, he’ll be happy with you taking care of him the best you can. If you need a little more sleep while daddy gives him formula, that gives baby a more energized momma to spend time with him later. He’s going to be just fine.

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