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December 17, 2009

I’m at 36 weeks now and it seems my due date is miles away. I had the last doctor check today and no progress so far downstairs; cervix still tightly firm and closed. Me and my sister were both born 2 weeks over due with the help of induction and my fear is I have to wait so far too. And induction also means we wouldn’t be able to have this baby at the special family-orientated unit at our hospital where it’s possible to get alternative pain reduction treatments such as reflexology and acupuncture. Although despite my New-agy natural birth fantasies at this point I’m pretty sure that when the moment actually comes I will be screaming for an epidural right away!

Baby is doing fine, my belly isn’t superbly big and my nurse is predicting about 3,5kg at birth. She/He is still moving a lot and since it’s hard for me to recognize which way she’s in my belly I was a bit scared that it would be just the wrong way. Luckily the doctor told me that the head is in the right place and it’s unlikely that the baby would turn upside down at this point anymore. I’ve gained about 12-13 kg so far, my hemoglobine and blood pressure have stayed at great values but I really don’t have the energy to move a lot anymore. Even the 500 meters walk to the nearest grocery store feels like a few kilometers. I’m also having AF-kind of pains every now and then but apparently they are normal. I know I will miss my belly and the kicking inside of me after labor but I will be so happy to be able to move like a person, not a penguin, once again. I’m actually really looking forward to going into labor; I’m not scared of the pain so much and I’m really excited to meet this little person inside of me.

I’ve been on maternity leave for two weeks now, first week went flying as I had so much to do. I took a class on Russian cooking for two nights and it was so much fun and so tasty recipes I’ve already cooked two of the dishes at home too. I also had some freelancer assignments and jewelry business work to keep me busy. Last weekend me and sis were at a design happening in Helsinki selling our stuff and it was a great success, this weekend we are going to Turku for a same kind of happening.

My sis behind our fancy counter


We actually have a real winter here now, -15C and a decent amount of snow! It really looks pretty outside (the few hours we have sunlight, that is)! The forecasts are promising the weather stay like this for the Christmas too. Actual white christmas in years! We’ll be spending the holidays at my parents’ as always and my sis with her husband will come too. I’m guessing we’ll be getting a lot of baby-oriented stuff… I’ve managed to do all my present shopping already so I won’t have to visit any full-packed shopping hells anymore. I like buying presents but I hate all other people who are at the shops same time blocking my way 😀

We already booked a cottage for next summer; it’s near the one we visited this autumn but this one isn’t as rural (=has shower and toilet inside the house). We’ll be sending a week next August here.

Our hideaway for next August!

Since I’ll probably be too lazy to write again before christmas; Happy holidays to all of you :)!

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2010!