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November 22, 2009

I’ve spent the whole weekend on a graphics course learning a new technique which I now love. All photos are mine and feature my sister and my cousin. I used to do photography and even dreamt of being a professional photographer in highschool. Didn’t get into any of those schools so I became something else but it was a dear hobby for many years.  Maybe I’ll start again some day, but the old photos fit these prints very well. For once I’m pleased with myself.

BTW if I ever start to use baby photos as part of my work, please shoot me. Baby photos are cute, yes, but by no means artistic usually. But who knows, maybe I’ll go crazy after giving birth and change my ringtone to a baby’s cry or something equally lunatic (yes, I’ve heard people having ringtones with their children speaking, and couldn’t ever imagine myself having one).





Brown diva



Blooming May




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  1. Those are beautiful! You’re very talented 🙂

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