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November 22, 2009

I’ve spent the whole weekend on a graphics course learning a new technique which I now love. All photos are mine and feature my sister and my cousin. I used to do photography and even dreamt of being a professional photographer in highschool. Didn’t get into any of those schools so I became something else but it was a dear hobby for many years.  Maybe I’ll start again some day, but the old photos fit these prints very well. For once I’m pleased with myself.

BTW if I ever start to use baby photos as part of my work, please shoot me. Baby photos are cute, yes, but by no means artistic usually. But who knows, maybe I’ll go crazy after giving birth and change my ringtone to a baby’s cry or something equally lunatic (yes, I’ve heard people having ringtones with their children speaking, and couldn’t ever imagine myself having one).





Brown diva



Blooming May




Cliché maternity pictures

November 12, 2009

Ok, I know it’s a total cliché to get pictures like these taken but since I’m working in a school photo office my workmate took this without any charge. BUT I’m also going to have another photoshoot with the photographer who took our wedding pics (actually my second cousin but I don’t really know her that well), those pics will be nude and probably NOT posted on the internet.

I have the flu again, it’s third time this autumn. I always catch a cold easily but this is often even for me. During the first trimester I wasn’t sick once but now it seems I’m constantly sneezing and having slight fever. I’m medicating myself with a box of chocolates.



31 weeks already. On Friday it’ll be 2 months to my due date!


Everybody else is pregnant too

November 6, 2009

In my very first post for this blog I wrote about how everyone in the world except me was pregnant. Now that I am finally pregnant, it again feels that so is everyone else too. The amount of baby news popping this autumn is ridiculous. If I wasn’t preggo I would have lost my mind for good. At my workplace my boss and one workmate are pregnant. One of my cousins is pregnant. My godmother’s daughter is preggo. DH’s godson’s mother (the one pregnancy I cried over here) has her due date 2 weeks before us. A wife of DH’s childhood friend is about to give birth any second now. I keep hearing about acquintances and friends of friends who are expecting too. And a little voice in my head is saying still: it must have been so easy for them.

I’ve kind of pushed somewhat unconsciously all memories of last autumn and spring to the back and tried to concentrate on the situation I’m enjoying now despite our rough and very uncertain beginning. But as I sat on the couch watching bbc’s documentary series ( “make me a baby”) about conception and pregnancy and seeing some couples going through ivf and icsi I became very emotional and it all came back to me very strong. How the disappointments crushed my world every month and how all hope seemed to have deserted me at times. I consider myself extremely lucky to be here and sometimes feel we really got pregnant easily comparing to many others. But then again it took, 4iuis, one ivf and one fet to make this baby whereas majority of people only need to have sex once in a while so the word easy isn’t quite applicable to this baby’s conception after all.

This pregnancy however could be described as easy. I didn’t have a lot of nausea in the beginning, I haven’t had much pains, I haven’t been a hormonal raging bitch (so far). After the first 3 months as mrs pizza-face my skin and hair have been in better condition than ever. I’ve even gotten the breasts I’ve always wanted, at least for a while.

I chose to get the vaccination after consulting our RE who strongly suggested it. On the same evening my arm got really sore and was like that for almost two days. I also felt a little sick and tired. My two pregnant workmates had it harder; they both got fever over 38C after taking the shot. The epidemic is starting to rise in Finland at the moment and some people are getting overly hysterical about it. I pondered first about the risks of the shot but now I’ve stopped worrying over it since I got it and that’s it. There are risks both ways.

Today I had again visit with my maternity nurse. Hemoglobine was 130, blood pressure 110/70, baby’s heartbeat 150. My results for gestational diabetes test (which was horrible btw, I was so close to throwing up) came back normal but the 2 hour value was on the border line so they are keeping closer watch on me. Especially since there’s a history of big babies in my family. I’ve gained 11 kilos from the beginning. My belly isn’t huge but according to nurse tall women tend to have smaller looking bellies. The baby is moving and changing position all the time and now we can feel him/her quite well through my belly. I still don’t have a feeling if it’s a boy or a girl but I’ve started to have dreams about the baby being born and me taking care of it. I’m actually quite scared about that part.  What if I’m going to be the suckiest mother on earth and drop the baby on it’s head? I don’t have any experience of taking care of small babies. Do they give you instructions when leaving the hospital?