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September 28, 2009

…is what I’ve been lately. Working three jobs basically; one at the office packing up school photo portraits, other my freelancer graphic design work and third maintaining the jewelry shop. As I’m also attending the Russian course and printmaking class every week as well as the music quiz I don’t have much spare time in my hands. But I like it that way after months of slouching.

I love our new apartment, here’s a visual from our kithcen (it was taken a few weeks ago so belly shot isn’t quite accurate). Have I mentioned already how much I LOVE having a dishwasher?

Our fancy new kitchen

Our fancy new kitchen

We also visited Tallinn with a friend couple (who are also expecting their first child in November) some weeks ago, stayed for one night and basically spent the whole time eating… Well guys did a bit of drinking too as that’s bascially what Finns go to Estonia for. I bought very cute mittens for the baby, they look like little mouses! I also got some overly cute baby clothes from H&M, one body and one sweater + pants, all have a fox embroided in them. I love foxes, there’s something mysterious about them. A little like cats, a little like dogs but still totally a species of their own kind.

Although we have a three room apartment now we haven’t furnished a nursery. The baby will anyhow sleep in the same bedroom with us until at least the age of one or so. So at the moment I’m enjoying my own office/art project room (basically the room is full with all the junk we haven’t found a place for).

I also got a new hair cut last week. I don’t usually visit a hairdresser, DH dyes my hair and some friends cut it for free. Last time I dyed my hair at a hairdresser was in 1992. Yes, seriously. But I love how it looks now, and DH loves too 😉

Copper with highlights

Copper with highlights

We had a girls night at our place last Friday as DH was celebrating his friends’ birthday at another town. Me and 3 friends cooked mushroom-stuffed paprikas and salad and for dessert we had this:

The craziest dessert I've ever had

The craziest dessert I've ever had

It’s a cake. And it was huge. And pink. DH was shooting some cake-bloggers for a news story and one of the bloggers happened to have made this cake and offered it to DH to bring home. Quite a coincidence me being preggo. I can’t say it was the best cake I’ve ever tasted but it sure got us all laughing.

About this pregnancy, I have been feeling very well. Some cramps in my calves during nights but I started eating magnesium every night and I think it has helped.  I’m almost 25 weeks now. My belly is quite big, last time at nurse’s appointment (almost a month ago) she did a SF measurement and it was 22 cm, going over the scale big time. Since my father weighed 5,5 kilos at birth and me and sis over 4 kilos both I’m sure our baby is gonna be a giant as well. I’m lactating already some times and honestly, it’s yucky at this point. I’ve gained around 7 kilos so far and most is on my belly and breasts.

The baby moves around mostly in the evenings, but apparantely it’s favourites so far (concidering going crazy in my belly) have been 1) Russian restaurant in Tallinn 2)Creme brûlée dessert 3) Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino.