Stylish (with pictures)

August 4, 2009
Me and DH going out last night

Me and DH going out last night

Yesterday’s dinner was great. I had the best mushrooms Julienne, lamb saslik and chocolate Troika ever. We totally ate too much and enjoyed every second of it.

Since many of my clothes don’t fit me anymore my cousin has been kind and borrowed me bunch of the clothes she wore during her pregnancy. Like the black woollen dress I’m wearing in the picture. It’s good that we are normally same size, since I could return the favor and borrowed her some of the gems of my wardrobe I can’t use with my new belly. So we both win here! My cousin has much more classic and “stylish” taste in clothes than I do, so I get compliments all time from my friends for my new clothes 🙂

Stylish mama-to-be

Stylish mama-to-be

I haven’t really shopped for any maternity clothes yet, I only ordered 3 t-shirts from Punkbabyclothes.net and they arrived last week. Too bad they got stuck in the customs and I had to pay extra fee for them, boo! The shop has nice punk/rock-style maternity shirts and baby stuff. This was one of the shirts I got:

flyingheartmatteewbrMy boobs have out-grown all my bras so I had to buy a new set. And it was C-cup! WOOHOO! That’s a major milestone for the skinny flatchested girl who was teased throughout junior high for having no breasts. I know this usually is just a temporarily phase but I’m enjoying my new curves totally.

My sis, her hubby and my parents visited Poland while we were in Spain and last weekend sis and her DH came here as we were selling jewelry at yet another market (the greatest success for us so far!). She brought us this from Poland. It’s so cute with the emblem of Poland and the colours!

Polish baby clothing

Polish baby clothing



  1. You look adorable!

  2. hey girl, thanks for the suggestion on my blog of sea bands! i have tried them tho and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. it seems like they start to “wear off” if i have them on for too long of a time.

    and, holy cow! you are looking smokin’ hot in that black dress!

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