2nd anniversary!

August 3, 2009

It’s our second wedding anniversary today 🙂 Two years ago we said our vows in a registry office with only two of DH’s friends (and their child) as witnesses, spent the night in the fanciest hotel of Helsinki (our neighbor had organised it as he works there), flew off to Austria for hiking and sent the shocking news to our relatives in a form of wedding photos and invitations to our church ceremony which we held later for the closest family.

I’m so incredibly happy we are here now. We had so much struggles during the first two years of our marriage and infertility was one of them. Last year on our anniversary day we were still a bit hopeful about conceiving naturally but only a few months later we started the treatments. And I’m so glad we did.

Since we are completely broke at the moment we can’t travel anywhere to celebrate or buy gifts (we even had to cancel our trip to Lapland which SUCKS so bad) but we are going to eat in our favourite Russian restaurant (ok, we really couldn’t afford that either but we are going still). And since I’m not going to have any sparkling wine or red wine with the dinner it’s going to be a bit cheaper than usually.

I would love a glass of red wine actually. I do miss some of my favourite drinks like wine and cider. I know some people will find me a complete ungrateful vino when I say that I miss alcohol but that’s my brutally honest feeling at the moment. Nothing like a dry apple cider on a hot summer’s day, enjoyed at a terrace bar with your friends or a glass (or several) of delicious red wine with a good dinner. Coke and water just isn’t the same. Not drinking any alcohol also excludes you from your  partying crowd of friends, as alcohol plays a key role in the Finnish get-together culture. Of course I can still go out with my friends but being the only one sober in the whole bar is kind of boring in the end and I’ve noticed that I’m not invited to come along many times others are going out. I admit, cider and wine used to be a big part of my weekends too and these 4 months without a drink have maybe been the longest time without any drink since the age of 14.

Before anyone gets wrong ideas;  I’m not whining about my sad pregnancy and the fact that I can’t drink. This baby has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I would stop doing/eating/drinking what ever if needed. I’m just saying I do miss some drinks even though a pregnant woman shouldn’t say that out loud (at least in Finland, where everyone is hysterical about pregnant women and what they can eat or drink).

We had our French friend visiting Helsinki for one week and I asked him if women in France stop drinking red wine when they get pregnant. He said no, and that doctors even suggest drinking Bordeaux wine since it’s good for your heart. Funny how the attitudes towards the same substance can vary so much inside Europe. Here it’s adviced to stop consuming any alcohol the second you get a BFP and a preggo woman having a glass of wine would get serious frowns at any restaurant. I still suspect that the French might get as healthy babies as we do.

I’m 16w 4days today, my belly can be seen clearly but it’s still rather small. Most of my jeans don’t fit anymore. I’ve started to feel funny bubbling inside my stomach, which I hope are the baby’s movements 🙂 Nausea has passed and I’m not such a pizza face anymore, so I can show myself in public again.

We are having new music-style jewellery at the shop, go and visit (even though it’s in Finnish)! Ordering abroad is possible with payment through paypal.



  1. Drinking alcohol is the thing that I STILL miss the most! You’re not alone!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Enjoy those “bubbles!” It most certainly is your wee little one bouncing all around.

    (And yes, I miss alcohol too. We went out to dinner the other night to celebrate our last weekend of “just the two of us” and I really wanted a glass of red wine.)

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