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Halfway there

August 26, 2009

I’m 20 weeks today, so half of this pregnancy has passed already. I try to remain myself to enjoy every second of this, as this might well be the only single time in my life I get to be pregnant and I know how lucky I am to be here. I can feel the baby moving every day now, and she/he starts kicking like crazy every time I eat yoghurt 😀 Either it’s the baby’s way of telling she/he likes it or “stop feeding me this shit mom”.

I started at the new workplace on Monday. The work is not very challenging, the kind of a trained monkey could do, but the thought of a monthly paycheck really warms my heart and the atmosphere at the office is relaxed. Too bad the workplace is located in the middle of nowhere and this afternoon I had to take three buses to get home as DH needed the car since he’s working the late shift.

We got a new rental apartment :)! And it’s in the same building we are living now so moving will be easy. It’s 69 sq meters with 3 rooms and the rent was affordable 850 euros. And the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher! No more washing up! Woo hoo! We’ll be moving in next weekend. I can’t believe we have had this much good luck lately; me finding a new job, getting into the school and now the apartment. Can good stuff really happen to us or is there some shit to be expected around the corner?

On Friday we’ll have the u/s where it would be possible to tell whether I am carrying a boy or a girl. We have decided not to ask, but of course there’s a chance we’ll see it accidentally 😉


Good things

August 14, 2009

We went to see Truckfighters yesterday. It’s an amzing Swedish stoner-band with probably the most energetic live performances I’ve ever witnessed, if I hadn’t been pregnant I would have taken part in the moshpit myself. Gotta love them, it was the third time I saw them play. This summer has been some what active gig-wise, before Truckfighters  I’ve seen Faith no More and Metallica and one Finnish band that was my ultimate favourite in late 1990s/early 2000. They have quit some years ago and only did a few comeback shows this summer. Seeing them play made me almost feel like 17 again; when they got on stage I felt this huge wave of nostalgia splashing over me. And there is one certainly great gig ahead this month when other Finnish band (PMMP) is performing in Helsinki. Can’t wait! I don’t know if the baby can hear anything yet from the outside world but if she/he can, she’s certainly been exposed to some good music during this summer!

Something totally awesome: I was accepted to the Master’s Programme I applied to! And something even better: I got a new job! It’s a very simple one I’m over educated and qualified for with a ridiculously low wage and not even in my field of expertise but I’m still excited to get out of the house after six months of unemployment/sporadic freelancer assignments.  It only lasts until the middle of November but it’s perfect as I would quit working in the beginning of December anyway. I was very anxious whether they would hire me as I told them in the interview I was preggo but luckily it wasn’t a problem for them. I’ll start working already next week! Things seem very positive at the moment 🙂

We are looking for a bigger apartment to rent as this one is only 55 square meters with two rooms and a kitchen and already with us and 3 cats (one is staying at DH’s father) it’s very crowded. There might be one 3 room apartment in the same building and we are really hoping to get it with a decent rent. The problem is that the rents are sky high in Helsinki area and we really couldn’t afford paying 1000 euros a month.

Today we are going finally to tell DH’s father and mother (they are divorced) about the baby. DH has wants to tell them both personally and at the same day (if other one gets to hear earlier it will cause problems, believe me…) and this is the first time we actually have them both in the same town at the same time. Well there’s not so much to tell anymore, you can see it quite clearly on my belly…

I had the monthly visit with the nurse today, my regular one was on holidays but actually I liked this one much better, see seemed actually like a professional and not a goofy old lady my regular one is. Since last night I’ve had some nasty pain on the left side of my stomach but according to the nurse it’s just my uterus growing and/or my endo adhesions stretching. Blood pressure, weight, hemoglobin and the pee tests were all ok and hearing the baby’s heartbeat is always very touching and gives me a more trusting feeling towards this pregnancy. I felt some strong movements on Tuesday evening but after that only a few mild ones, she/he is probably in a different position now.

Have a great weekend everyone :)!


Stylish (with pictures)

August 4, 2009
Me and DH going out last night

Me and DH going out last night

Yesterday’s dinner was great. I had the best mushrooms Julienne, lamb saslik and chocolate Troika ever. We totally ate too much and enjoyed every second of it.

Since many of my clothes don’t fit me anymore my cousin has been kind and borrowed me bunch of the clothes she wore during her pregnancy. Like the black woollen dress I’m wearing in the picture. It’s good that we are normally same size, since I could return the favor and borrowed her some of the gems of my wardrobe I can’t use with my new belly. So we both win here! My cousin has much more classic and “stylish” taste in clothes than I do, so I get compliments all time from my friends for my new clothes 🙂

Stylish mama-to-be

Stylish mama-to-be

I haven’t really shopped for any maternity clothes yet, I only ordered 3 t-shirts from and they arrived last week. Too bad they got stuck in the customs and I had to pay extra fee for them, boo! The shop has nice punk/rock-style maternity shirts and baby stuff. This was one of the shirts I got:

flyingheartmatteewbrMy boobs have out-grown all my bras so I had to buy a new set. And it was C-cup! WOOHOO! That’s a major milestone for the skinny flatchested girl who was teased throughout junior high for having no breasts. I know this usually is just a temporarily phase but I’m enjoying my new curves totally.

My sis, her hubby and my parents visited Poland while we were in Spain and last weekend sis and her DH came here as we were selling jewelry at yet another market (the greatest success for us so far!). She brought us this from Poland. It’s so cute with the emblem of Poland and the colours!

Polish baby clothing

Polish baby clothing


2nd anniversary!

August 3, 2009

It’s our second wedding anniversary today 🙂 Two years ago we said our vows in a registry office with only two of DH’s friends (and their child) as witnesses, spent the night in the fanciest hotel of Helsinki (our neighbor had organised it as he works there), flew off to Austria for hiking and sent the shocking news to our relatives in a form of wedding photos and invitations to our church ceremony which we held later for the closest family.

I’m so incredibly happy we are here now. We had so much struggles during the first two years of our marriage and infertility was one of them. Last year on our anniversary day we were still a bit hopeful about conceiving naturally but only a few months later we started the treatments. And I’m so glad we did.

Since we are completely broke at the moment we can’t travel anywhere to celebrate or buy gifts (we even had to cancel our trip to Lapland which SUCKS so bad) but we are going to eat in our favourite Russian restaurant (ok, we really couldn’t afford that either but we are going still). And since I’m not going to have any sparkling wine or red wine with the dinner it’s going to be a bit cheaper than usually.

I would love a glass of red wine actually. I do miss some of my favourite drinks like wine and cider. I know some people will find me a complete ungrateful vino when I say that I miss alcohol but that’s my brutally honest feeling at the moment. Nothing like a dry apple cider on a hot summer’s day, enjoyed at a terrace bar with your friends or a glass (or several) of delicious red wine with a good dinner. Coke and water just isn’t the same. Not drinking any alcohol also excludes you from your  partying crowd of friends, as alcohol plays a key role in the Finnish get-together culture. Of course I can still go out with my friends but being the only one sober in the whole bar is kind of boring in the end and I’ve noticed that I’m not invited to come along many times others are going out. I admit, cider and wine used to be a big part of my weekends too and these 4 months without a drink have maybe been the longest time without any drink since the age of 14.

Before anyone gets wrong ideas;  I’m not whining about my sad pregnancy and the fact that I can’t drink. This baby has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I would stop doing/eating/drinking what ever if needed. I’m just saying I do miss some drinks even though a pregnant woman shouldn’t say that out loud (at least in Finland, where everyone is hysterical about pregnant women and what they can eat or drink).

We had our French friend visiting Helsinki for one week and I asked him if women in France stop drinking red wine when they get pregnant. He said no, and that doctors even suggest drinking Bordeaux wine since it’s good for your heart. Funny how the attitudes towards the same substance can vary so much inside Europe. Here it’s adviced to stop consuming any alcohol the second you get a BFP and a preggo woman having a glass of wine would get serious frowns at any restaurant. I still suspect that the French might get as healthy babies as we do.

I’m 16w 4days today, my belly can be seen clearly but it’s still rather small. Most of my jeans don’t fit anymore. I’ve started to feel funny bubbling inside my stomach, which I hope are the baby’s movements 🙂 Nausea has passed and I’m not such a pizza face anymore, so I can show myself in public again.

We are having new music-style jewellery at the shop, go and visit (even though it’s in Finnish)! Ordering abroad is possible with payment through paypal.