10 weeks!

June 17, 2009

I’m already ten weeks today 🙂 I still can’t believe it. I’m nauseous most of the time but haven’t puked after the one time, I have to eat all the time, my face is still covered in acne, I’m a bit moody and my boobs are a little sore. I don’t have a real belly yet, but after eating it get’s really swollen.

I was supposed to have my first maternity counseling appointment on Monday, or at least I thought so. After waiting for 40 minutes I stopped a nurse and asked if it’s common that the appointments are running late. Turned out that the person I was supposed to see was on holiday and my appointment is only at next Monday. GREAT. And nobody cared to tell me when I registered at the reception. Thanks assholes.

I wanted to get my first appointment earlier because we are leaving for Spain soon and I’m anxious about hospital’s timetables for the 11-12 weeks u/s. When I told this to the nurse she dared to say that “you don’t necessarely have to go to the u/s, it’s not compulsory. Or you can do it at a private clinic if there’s a problem with the timetables”. Seriously?! Who would miss the u/s where they measure the swelling of the neck and other important things? Or how would I find magically 200 euros to pay for it at a private clinic since we have no money at the moment after spending everything on making this baby? I knew moving to public healthcare would bring problems and I was right.

We visited my granny at the nursing home last Sunday and I told her that we are having a baby on January. Even though she doesn’t really talk anything anymore she did recognize me and obviously got excited about my news. I was so happy I could share this with her.

Midsummer is next weekend and the weather forecast promises us 13C with thunder and rain. Fuck this Finnish pathetic excuse for a summer, I’m so glad we get to go to Spain so I’ll see at least a little sunshine. We are going to spend the Midsummer at DH’s friend’s cottage at the archipelago by the sea, so nice weather would have been a great bonus but we’ll enjoy barbequing and sauna anyway, no matter the weather.

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