9w2d (with u/s picture)

June 12, 2009

We had the u/s on Wednesday and to my relief everything was in order 🙂 The baby measured now 2,3cm so it was one day ahead compared to my calculations. Now my due date is 13th January 2010. I like the sound of that, number 13 feels lucky to me. Of course I know that most babies aren’t born on the exact due date but I think that would be a cool birthdate. Only that sis and her hubby will be in Vietnam at that time, which sucks. We heard the heartbeat too, it was amazing. It suddenly made this much more concrete.

Now he/she actually looks almost like a real baby (though DH said he looks like a teddy bear :D)! Next u/s will be in a couple of weeks but no more at the infertility clinic. We can move now to the normal pregnancy control!

Yesterday we had our Belgian guests at Helsinki. They are maybe the nicest couple on earth. Though it had been 2 years since we last saw each other, it didn’t matter. We visited the market hall and some shops, went to a nice cafe I found a couple of weeks ago and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. They have just gotten married and were on a cruise at the Baltic Sea for their honeymoon, continuing to Stockholm the same evening. I wish we can go to see them in Belgium after the baby is born. I would post pictures but I can’t because I look like a swollen pig in all of them and my face is covered in terrible acne.

This evening a friend of mine is having her graduation party. I haven’t told her about the baby yet, but I think I’ll have to do it tonight since I will anyway look suspicious without a drink in my hand. Tomorrow we’ll head to my parents for some barbeque and sauna and on Sunday we’ll visit my grandmother with whom I want to share our news with. The only problem is she’s not doing so great at the moment, and I can’t be sure if she’ll even recognize me. I still want to tell her.

My cousin gave me some baby magazines and we’ve been browsing them with DH. It’s still really hard to relate to the stuff they are writing about, like a comparison of strollers. And I don’t like the attitude of holy super motherhood that is shining through the text. I’m pretty certain I won’t be a supermom who will feed her children only organic food, take them to all kinds of activating hobbies at the age of 3 months, talk endlessly about breastfeeding and baby poop. I’m certain I will be quite a mess of a mother but still confident that we can raise a decent human being.

Now I’m going to be a good little housewife and do the dishes and clean some of this mess up. And then watch the L-word on telly 🙂



  1. Hello baby!

  2. Aww, what a great ultrasound pic! Little teddy bear looks cute :). Congrats on hearing the heartbeat and graduating from the infertility clinic.

  3. beautiful! i can’t wait to be at this point.

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