Pregnancy milestone

June 9, 2009

I puked for the first time this morning while brushing my teeth! Yes, I know you were all just dying to hear this enchanting detail πŸ˜€ Overall the nausea is almost 24/7 but still manageable if I remember to eat enough. Last Friday as I drove 2 hours to my sister I had a box of grapes and salt crackers on the passenger seat and munched them constantly.

Tomorrow is the next u/s. Although the symptoms are strong I’m still very anxious. All kinds of morbid, bad scenarios have been rolling in my head. I think it’s partly because it is still so difficult to believe that this could actually work for us. DH tries to sneak from his work to the clinic too. I hope this will be our final visit to that expensive place, everything will be fine and we can move on to the public healthcare (that doesn’t cost a penny!).

Last weekend’s visit at the market place wasn’t too profitable, since the average age of people there was around 60. And it was freezing cold. The joy of Finnish summers; +7C in June and I was wearing my autumn jacket and gloves. I hope the weather will change soon, as our Belgian guests are coming on Thursday and I would like them to enjoy sunny Helsinki.

Some pics from the market:

our beautiful market table

our beautiful market table

close-up on the earrings

close-up on the earrings

me, sis and a random old lady on the background

me, sis and a random old lady on the background

We bought a new sofa as the old one dated back to 1960’s and belonged first to my grandparents, then to my parents, then to sis and finally to me. All these years and people had worn it down so it was time to get a new one. We love it, and so do the cats.

The afternoon nap club

The afternoon kitten nap club

I just went to the supermarket to get some bacon. I know, I’m a disgusting person. But I craved some hangover-food, so I used it to bake a pie together with mushrooms, onion, pineapple and cheese. And a lot of butter. To my defense I have to say I haven’t still gained any weight, the little vampire I carry just sucks everything that I eat to her/himself.



  1. Those cats are hilarious! And they sure do look comfy :). I love the market table – your earrings look so pretty (and you both look absolutely frozen).

    By the way, I’m definitely a fan of bacon…yum! And that pie sounds fantastic. Care to post a recipe?

  2. congrats on puking.

    I just want to add, if I’m not commenting as much these days….I figure you understand, right?

    But I’m still watching, when I can.


    • Dagny, I totally understand. Glad you are still watching.

      Sarah, I’ll post the recipe after I’ve converted the measurements to the US system!

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