June 3, 2009

I’m almost 8 weeks already! That is, if I’m counting correctly. Because of the low initial beta the length of my pregnancy is still a mystery, hopefully one that will be revealed on next week’s u/s. Which of course already makes me anxious, I hope everything will be ok, baby will have grown enough, has a strong heartbeat and we can stop worrying.

I feel nauseous most of the time but I’ve managed to avoid puking yet. I’m craving all fresh stuff like watermelon, grapes and fruit juices, and strangely coffee and chocolate (usually my biggest favorites) don’t sound too tempting at the moment. And I eat all the time but still gain no weight. In the evenings my belly looks bigger but that’s just probably because I’ve stuffed myself with food all day. Overall I have a strange zombie-like feeling, a little tired, headachy, dizzy and nauseous, like all energy would have been sucked out of me. I’m still cramping every now and then but not too bad. Apparently due to endo and lap my insides are quite scarred and the growing uterus makes those scars hurt.

We had some really warm sunny days but now it’s gray again. We are going with sis to sell jewelry on an outside market on Saturday, and the forecast promises rain and cold for the next weekend. They are also holding a sing-along happening on the market place at the same time. Awesome.

Next week we’ll get visitors from Belgium as a friend couple from there is coming for a cruise on Baltic Sea for their honeymoon. Can’t wait to see them, it’s been 2 years from last time already! I got to know them when I was studying in Maastricht and they’ve already visited Finland once after that.

Not much happening here, took the entrance exam for the Master’s programme last week and it was quite challenging. There was an article (in English) about usability and then some difficult questions based on the information. We’ll know in July how it went… Don’t have much work at the moment and the unemployement office hasn’t paid me anything yet either.

I’m still having difficulties to believe I’m actually preggo. Ok, I feel pregnant now but the the thought of us becoming parents for real after all is still too amazing to think too much about. I guess I’m holding my guard up just in case, after the disappointments I’m overly cautious about everything. I don’t want to share the news with everyone yet (and I know from my stats that I have basically 0 hits from Finland so no one I know is reading this), although quite many friends already know.

Our neighbour guessed right away at our 90’s party because I wasn’t drinking the usual way. Apparantely my non-alcoholic ciders weren’t convincing enough to fool him. In Finland it’s basically impossible to keep your pregnancy a secret if you are going to a party/bar/restaurant. Everyone expects you to drink if you have done so before and if you are having only water/coke/coffee it immediately raises questions. Saying “I just don’t feel like drinking today” is no excuse. Because everyone feels like drinking, especially now it’s summer and the terrace bars are open. Even at my cousin’s daughter’s graduation party last weekend I’m sure people wondered why I took my glass from the children’s tray for toasting. Luckily DH followed my example so that might have distracted my nosy relatives because nobody asked anything.

My cousin gave me this amazing present. It’s a silver bola-necklace originally traditionally worn in Bali by pregnant women. There’s a little bell inside the ball that makes a pretty sound when you move and when the baby starts to hear it’ll hear the sound too and recognize it when he/she is born. I know our baby is still too small to hear anything but I wear it anyway since it’s so pretty πŸ™‚

A bola-necklace

A bola-necklace



  1. The necklace is beautiful. I hope the nausea settles down soon. and 8 wks already! that’s fantastic πŸ™‚

  2. What an amazing necklace. Just beautiful.

    And I cant’ believe you are 8 weeks preggo! Crazy!!


  3. Silly girl! You’ll never stop worrying! I’m 10 weeks away from having this baby and I still can’t believe it’s happening after waiting 5 long years. I’m always worried that something is wrong or going to be wrong. I think it’s just part of being a mother.

    I can’t believe you’re 8 weeks already either! It goes so quickly.

  4. I’m so happy for you that things continue to progress well! I hope you will eventually be able to relax and enjoy a bit of your pregnancy, but I know I would be just as anxious as you if I were in your shoes.

  5. Congratulations!
    I just started reading your blog this morning and
    finally finished it. I am very happy for you. My friend had the same problem but she was not as lucky. She finally decided to adopt a gorgeous little girl.
    Enjoy the whole process and keep up your blog, I think you are a very good writer, maybe you can write a book about you personal journey some day.

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