Some sunshine in the middle of this shit

May 8, 2009

I’m almost 100% sure this was a chemical, I’ve been cramping a lot and have very minimal symptoms otherwise. No spotting or bleeding though. I keep getting a faint line on the hpts but I know you can get it long after the embryo has stopped living. I haven’t given up all hope that a miracle would happen and the numbers would be magical on Monday, but I know the minimal odds for that.

But something else miraculous happened! I got a call a minute ago from a strange number. Of course my first thought was “fuck those telemarketers”, but it wasn’t someone trying to sell a gossip magazine this time. It was from the Finnish airlines, Finnair. On the day of the embryo transfer as I walked to the subway through mall I stopped and filled out a coupon for a travel tickets lottery. Now they called and said I’ve won flights to Andalucia, Spain, for 2 persons!!! I’m so freaking happy!!! Because of our financial situation there was not going to be any trips for us this summer. But now we get to travel! YAY! I don’t speak a word of Spanish but I’m sure we’ll manage 🙂 Sunshine, here I come!



  1. That is so awesome!!!

    I’m so glad you get to travel a bit. And for free! WOOT!


  2. What perfect timing to win a free trip! That’s exciting 🙂

  3. What a great prize! I hope it’s just the beginning of good things for you.

  4. WOWOWWW! that is awesome! perfect timing!

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