Feeling springy

April 15, 2009

I’ve been on a good mood lately. I guess it’s the massive amount of light that somehow surprises me every year after the months of darkness and cold. But I’m feeling optimistic, light-hearted and positive. I hope I’ll stay this way.

One of the reasons I’m feeling good is the fact that I’ve made two new friends during this spring. J I already knew since she dated our school mate in Pori for many years but actually it was their break-up that brought us close together and now we’re hanging out often since she lives near us and I love her company. And it doesn’t matter she’s 5 years younger than me since she’s definetely not an annoying teen. Other friend, M, I met at the graphics class. She’s the first friend I’ve made in Helsinki (apart from work mates) and we’ve been living here for almost 4 years. I spotted her instantly when she started the class because her style was just like mine; tight jeans, hoodie and sneakers πŸ˜€ I knew she’d be a lot of fun and I was correct. During the class we started talking and I invited her to go to music quiz with us and now she’s a regular in our team. And the best part is that J and M also have gotten to know each other and we can hang out together all 3 of us. This is great.

Easter included a lot of partying and then some more. First I went out with ex-colleagues (me and 5 guys), then J held a wine and cheese-tasting evening (I was GOING to go home from her place but somehow ended up in Helsinki center rock bar!) and on Saturday we visited my parents who, of course, served us more red wine. But I had a lot of fun πŸ™‚ My goodson had his first birthday and we bought him duplo legos, which he seemed to like a lot. He visited us yesterday too and it so much fun to watch him around our cats; the small ones like to play with him a lot and don’t care if he handles them a little roughly.

Before easter I had an u/s and I had 3 follies growing, measuring around 10mm. We were a little anxious whether they’d grow too fast, since our clinic is closed on weekends and the FET date is supposed to be 4 days after “ovulation”. Yesterday I had another u/s and luckily my follies have been a little slow, the biggest one measuring now 13-14mm so I continue shooting gonal-f today and on Friday I’ll have yet another u/s where we hopefully can set the date for our embie(s) to be transferred. Please, let them survive the thawing! I’m still taking 10mg of Prednisone every morning, but luckily no side effects have risen any more. I hope so muchΒ  it will do the trick.

This cycle I’ve tried to avoid dr. Google and the ttc- and if-boards and obsessing too much, I hope I can continue this way after the transfer too… We talked about our treatments with my parents (they are paying for this cycle) and I talked about adoption too. My heart almost bursted when my father said he’d be really happy if we decided to adopt since he sees adoption even as more caring as being a normal parent and that he would love an adopted grandchild as much as a biological one. I really had to fight my tears at that point. Mother told me that her twin sister and her husband tried IVF without succeeding, I guess it was in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I actually had thought that at that time IVF was really rare and expensive here.

I still have a very high travel fever. Me and DH are dreaming of going to the US one day and seeing all the places we’ve only seen in movies/tv (since we are movie freaks…) I also would love so much to go to Eastern Europe, or to Iceland, or Russia. Or actually I would LOVE to travel anywhere at this point. Thanks to the tax refund fairy, we could go somewhere in the winter since she is kind enough of giving me 522 euros back :)!Next weekend we are doing a little trip in Finland, since it’ll be our 5th anniversary together. We have rented a small cottage we visited one year ago in a small town about 1,5 drive from Helsinki. It’s really rustic and romantic with a fireplace and everything πŸ™‚

I enrolled to the Russian for beginners-class, it’s an intensive course held every monday-wednesday next month. I hope to learn the basics so well that I could imagine traveling to St. Petersburg without assistance.

And because I’m feeling springy, I ordered myself these beauties from Ebay. They arrived yesterday and are absolutely gorgeus!



  1. Those shoes are AWESOME!! and you deserve them. πŸ™‚

    And glad you had a great weekend


  2. I came over from the Stirrup Queens Ballroom to say hi and glad to see other folks located in Europe over there (I am American though, living abroad, so I guess I don’t really count). Good luck with your cycle and your sanity! It is tough to keep it together when you are so pepped up on hormones.

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