April 3, 2009

I got my results back today. Everything looked normal execpt the one special nuclear antibodies value, which was a little elevated. Not so much that I would have to worry about having an autoimmune disease but enough to make getting preggo harder. That means I’ll be enjoying a nice dosage of  Prednisone along with my Gonal-F’s. I wish so much that we’ve finally found the reason for all these failures and that this medication will help us succeed. If only it could be as simple as that.

After the appointment I hit the shops and bought myself a the new cd from one of my fav Finnish bands, Paris je t’aime-dvd, two bras and a 1-year birthday gift for my godson; a set of duplo legos. He loves everything technical and at our place his favourite toy is actually an old computer keyboard he likes to drag around. When he’s older I’m gonna buy him a “little electrician”-set.

Visiting the pharmacy was great since I’ve already reached the annual limit of drug payments this year (670 euros) and now any prescribed drugs I buy will cost me 1,50 euros. So two sets of Gonal-F and 4 sets of trigger shots (RE was nice and prescribed extras since I’m so afraid of messing up with the ampules) and the Prednisone together costed me only 4,50 euros. The little joys of being infertile!

AF hasn’t arrived yet although I’ve felt her coming for many days already. Thanks again endo! RE did a quick dildocam and my lining looked quite thin, about 6-7 mm and she said that I won’t be getting my period today even though I feel just like it. I also have a terrible flu at the moment and feel like a truck has ran over me; I have a terrible headache, some fever, throat ache and feel just over all sick. This combined with the killer cramps and back ache is just SPLENDID.

The schedule with the FET is a bit challenging because of easter; our clinic will be closed during the easter holidays. What a surprise. AF should stay away a couple of more days so that we could control my stimming better. RE tried to convince me once again that we have a lot of hope and we will succeed. I want to believe that, I want to be able to to have faith in this.

And a little advertisement for the weekend; DH’s band is now on myspace, check them out! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂 I’m gonna slouch on the couch with hot black currant juice and watch that movie about Paris and wallow in my memories of the city.


One comment

  1. Sorry about the stupid little antibodies. Hopefully it’s not much of an effect.

    And omg, I’m so jealous about your meds!! I wish Canada would just get with the program and do that…our system is FAR too much like the States…and we all know how well that works…LMAO

    I’ll check out the band now!!!


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