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Monkeys in a car

February 25, 2009

I had two strangest dreams last night. In the first one I was in Helsinki trying to get to DH who was in the other side of town and I was stoned out of my mind,felt really dizzy and nauseous and woke up sweaty and thirsty.

Second one was maybe the craziest ever; I was walking with DH in a street at night/evening and a car that looked like an old VW beetle stopped by me. The car was full of monkeys and they wanted to give us a ride home. On the way home we got into a car crash and the rest of the dream I can’t really remember.

I know vivid dreams can be a eps but since it is perfectly normal for me to have dreams like these I’m not counting on it.

Symptoms yesterday:

  • Sore nipples
  • slightly sore bbs (especially in the evening)
  •  a little af-kind of cramping, less than 4dpt
  •  backache
  •  bloated pms-feeling
  •  chilliness, fluish feeling
  •  ovarian twinges
  •  weepyness when watching the oscar-show re-run on tv
  •  acne (as usual)
  •  crazy dreams

Symptoms today:

  •  Sore nipples
  •  af-kind of cramping, more than yesterday 😦
  •  backache
  •  bloated pms-feeling
  •  slight nausea (because of progesterone supplements)
  •  acne

I’m going home today after working for 3 days with the animations. If only this piece of shit computer would render faster I’d get there sooner.

Most of the time I’m desperate and ready to lose hope. And still there’s a very small spark of hope inside of me that says not to give up yet.