I’ve got…

February 19, 2009

someone on board 🙂 I am so extremely happy, excited and relieved. We made it this far! Honestly, I was so sure there wouldn’t be anything to transfer and when the doctor (my RE is on holidays) said “everything looks good” a million kilos dropped off my shoulders.

8 of the 9 cells fertilized so apparently ivf was sufficient. All embies continued dividing, but some of them were too sluggish/produced poor quality embies so in the end we had this one 9-celled transfered today and 4 (1 9cells, 1 8cells, 2 7cells) frozen. I feel blessed for this opportunity. This is the closest to being preggo I’ve ever been, I’m so sure there were no embies in my uterus before this. As a token of good luck I wore this ring for the transfer:

My precious ring

My precious ring

The ring is of gold and zircons and not worth much in money. For me it’s priceless. I got the ring from my grandmother’s sister on the day of my confirmation in 1996.  She had gotten it as a graduation gift in 1958.  She had endo as well and was never able to conceive, and of course the treatments in 1960s/1970s were totally different from the ones we have now. Sadly she passed away because of breast cancer in 2005.  As I’ve written before, as paradoxical as it sounds, there’s a history of infertile women in my mother’s side’s family. Three of granny’s sisters, my mother’s twin sister, my mother’s god-daugther, now me. I wish I can be the one to break the chain. I wore the ring out of respect to all these women in my bloodline and I’m sure granny’s sister was there in spirit to support me.

The blood test will be on 2nd March. No poasing before it!

Darling inside, stay with us.



  1. I have goosebumps!!!!!

    Stick little one.

    I’ve got seriously EVERYTHING crossed for you right now. And I think your great Aunts ring will bring you luck.

    Wearing my new ear rings now. I look fab if I do say so myself. 😀

  2. Wow, that’s so wonderful that so many eggs fertilized, and it sounds like you had great quality embryos!! I feel very positive about this! : )

  3. Amazing Emily, just amazing!

    I’m so pleased for you. I’m sending you all the sticking vibes and I hope that in 9 months time you are bringing your embryo home to keep for ever.

    The ring is such a wonderful idea. I love it. I too hope that you break the cycle of your families infertility.

    Thinking of you xoxo

  4. Oh! I’m weeping for you! I’m sending you all possible sticky vibes that your little embie snuggles up and makes a good home inside you for the next 40 weeks!

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