February 18, 2009

make that call. So I have no idea will there be anything to transfer tomorrow, I’ll just go there and we’ll see. I figured if I’d make that call today there’s still a chance that the embie(s) can die over night (if there are any embies at all to begin with!). The optimist in me… On the bright side, no call from the clinic either, I guess they would have called if everything would be screwed. But who knows.

I’m feeling ok, a little bloated maybe. Nipples still sore but not as sore as few days before. I’m on progesterone since yesterday morning, 2x200mg vaginally twice a day. For some strange reason I haven’t caught the dizzyness yet. Going crazy for staying home for too many days in a row, luckily tonight there’s a music quiz at the pub and I’ll be attending with friends. Only going to drink a glass of red wine, that’s good for you right :D?

Planning to go see Metallica & co. on Sonisphere-festival next summer, see how convinced I am not going to be preggo then…

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be much wiser and promise to update if there are any embies on board or not 🙂



  1. I’m so excited for you!!!!!

    Can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes. 🙂

    *baby dust*


  2. I can’t wait to hear how wonderful everything goes!

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