February 16, 2009

ER went smoothly, I didn’t hurt at all thanks to the heavy dosage of sedatives and painkillers they pumped into me. Still feeling a little tired and dizzy so I make it short:

We got 9 eggies. I’m not exactly thrilled about the number, I was hoping it to be a little higher. There were 15 follies at retrieval so 6 vere empty or too small. Well, 9 is still an ok number, but I know that not all of them are going to fertilize and not all fertilized are going to grow… DH’s sample was good and responded well to the washing so RE said there’s no need to icsi. I hope she’s right. So now we are “only” doing ivf, and at this moment our little cells are getting to know each other on the petri dish. Get together! Fertilize and divide!

Transfer will be 1.30 PM on Thursday. They won’t phone us with the fertilization report, either we can call on Wednesday afternoon or then just wait for the appointment on Thursday. I still haven’t figured out whether to call or not.



  1. hooray!! good luck!! 😀

  2. 9 is good! I have everything crossed that your baby is off in a lab somewhere, waiting for you!

  3. 9 is good hun! I’ve known people to get less than that and have wonderful results. I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday.

    Grow embies, grow!

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