February 15, 2009

Tomorrow will be our next step on this crazy IVF-ride. My head is full of questions, expectations and worries. Will it hurt like hell? Will DH give a good sample? How many eggies will we get? How many will fertilize? Will we make it to the transfer? I’m really going crazy over this.

DH has had a terrible flu the whole weekend, I had some fluish symptoms too but luckily not anymore. I’m afraid that DH not being totally well will diminish our chances somehow. I promised not to count the odds but here I am again, pondering the procentual probability for succeeding.

Trigger shot was yesterday evening, I was so nervous my hands trembled while shooting it, if DH hadn’t been there to prepare the shot I sure as hell would have dropped all the drugs to the floor and messed the whole thing up. Just knowing that this shot can only be done in a certain strict time frame, otherwise the cycle will be screwed, was too much for me.

Now my belly is a bit swollen, moving is quite unpleasant and my nipples are still really sore. And abundant cm still present. To my biggest surprise I haven’t really had any mental side effects from the drugs; no mood swings, no crying seizures, nothing. Maybe a bit more emotional than usual, yes, but nothing worth mentioning.

So, tomorrow we’ll wake up at 6AM, drive to the clinic in morning traffic jam for 30 minutes and DH is scheduled to give his sample at 7.30. I will give a blood sample and the transfer will be at 9AM. Then an hour or so resting and we’ll meet with RE who’ll tell us the results so far. Let them be good ones. We will also decide then whether it’ll be ivf or icsi.

The spring sun is here and like every year, it is making me very restless and hopeful. The massive amount of light after a gloomy, long winter always drives me wild. For me spring has always been about new chances, high hopes and new possibilities. I can’t really describe the feeling I get when seeing the spring sun, it radiates a special light that makes me feel much more alive. Of course it’s not really spring yet with all the snow and colness, but the sun is like a promise of the forthcoming summer. My most favourite part of spring is late April and I know nothing more beautiful than maple flowers before they start to turn into leaves.



  1. Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

    And I feel the same way about spring, the sun is warmer now….and we are painting the house!!!

    I’m sure you won’t be too uncomfortable tomorrow, and hopefully you have a bunch of eggies to work with!!


  2. I’m sending you all of my hopes and prayers.

  3. I”m so glad you’re feeling hopeful with the spring sun. I’m hoping for you!

    Off to read your update from today!

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