ER getting closer…

February 13, 2009

Final u/s was this morning, there are now 17 follies measuring 16-17mm. Retrieval is scheduled on Monday at 9AM and I’ll do the Pregnyl shot at 8PM on Saturday. I’m sure I will mess it somehow with the two little ampules and two needles and the strict time limit.. Fuuuuuuuck! First when I saw the mixing needle I thought it was the one I would have to stab myself with… DH was presrcribed a heavy dose of antibiotics for Sunday morning. Transfer (please please let us make it that far!) will be on Thursday.

And of course I’m totally scared about the retrieval. RE keeps saying there’s no need and it won’t hurt a bit but I’ve read so many horror stories (thanks again, dr. Google!) so I know it can be living hell. At the moment I have a heavy feeling on my ovaries, not too bad so I can still move quite normally. My nipples became really sore yesterday and I’m producing ridiculous amounts of ewcm (I’m sure you all were dying to know this).

I had a meeting with a possible freelancer employer yesterday at a company where one of my ex-colleagues transfered to. I really hope they will have work for me in the future, the place was nice and everyone seemed relaxed and easy to get along with. Plus the work would be interesting and I would already know how to do it.

After the meeting I had to visit the unemployement office, which is really just a time-consuming act of pointless bureocracy. I spent one hour waiting to see the the officer (even visited post office while in queu) for five minutes, she just wrote a few sentences on the database and now I “officially have a plan for employment”. GREAT. What that actually means is that I will be allowed to get a bigger unemployement benefit. Which I will have to wait for at least one month for since I can’t even apply for it yet because I haven’t been unemployed for two weeks. Gotta love this red-tapism.

Our work project with DH went well, no fights on the professional points of view 🙂 Our employers loved my animations and we will continue the project on February 23rd.  Great to have something to take my mind of the (possible) 2ww.

This afternoon I’m meeting a friend who just moved to Helsinki, tomorrow cousin and her son will come to visit us and rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing and obsessing trying not to obsess about next week. Thank you all for your supportive comments, I promise to keep you updated 🙂


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  1. Things sound so promising for you, and on all fronts! I know you’ll make it to Thursday and you’ll get through it just fine.

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