February 4, 2009

I had decided to cut down my chocolate intake (and other sugar too since it’s bad for endo) during this IVF-cycle.  Well, this afternoon when returning home from the city I suddenly found myself stuffing milk chocolate in my face without even thinking about it for a second. I admit, I have a huge addicition issue with candy. Take me to rehab someone.

And other thing; the internets are really really bad. There should be a way to unplug Google during your treatments so you couldn’t check for hundred thousand times what people are talking on discussion boards and what are the success rates and how many follicles is “normal”. I googled this morning and now I fear that the little follicles I have now are not going to be enough for a successful cycle. All this anxiety I’m gathering is just my own doing and I’m an idiot for googling all the time.

Also, a lobotomy would be nice at least during the 2ww. I’m already fearing it’s going to rip me into pieces even though there’s no guarantee we get even that far.



  1. First. Don’t beat yourself up about the chocolates. You are cycling. You deserve a little chocolate derived happiness. 🙂

    Second, I agree. And I have been through 2 cycles now, and I’ll tell you I thought everything sounded great. So try not to worry. Remember…quality, not quantity. 🙂

    Third. Sorry, can’t help you there. I’m sure you WILL make the 2ww, and then you will live…it just might not be all that fun…..but you will live. And hopefully have a happy ending!!!


  2. i completely agree.. google is EVIL during IVF cycles!!!

    i too have a major chocolate addiction.. we constantly have at least a bag of vegan chips to munch on.. mmm…

    i’m about to start my 2ww and every time i request a coma.. my RE always says no..

    you’re doing fine so far!! got my fingers crossed for you!

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