The joy of being unemployed

January 27, 2009

As I’ve written before, I’m not so keen on public transport. To get to my workplace it takes about 40 minutes with two different buses. This morning, in the sardine-packed commuter hell I suddenly realized: I don’t have to take this shit for much longer anymore, as my contract ends 5th February! And I started to think all the other good things about not going to work.

  • I can sleep as long as I want to. No more 6.30 wake-ups for me!
  • No more standing in the bus stop in pitch black morning freezing my ass off !
  • No zombieing around and surfing the net for 8hours because there’s nothing to do
  • I don’t have to deal with certain people EVER again or listen to their shit
  • Nobody is tracking how long my lunch break takes
  • I’ll finally have time for all my own creative projec

Doesn’t sound too bad 🙂 The only things I will miss are my great co-workers; two guys who started at the same time with me and with whom I’ve had so much fun and of course the MONEY.

Something funny happened on Sunday. There was a documentary film festival going on last week. I wanted to book ticket to a screening on Sunday for a documentary about Finnish nuns. I messed with the dates and had to change my ticket to a film called “Everything is relative” that was screened on Sunday. Well, Sunday morning I went to collect my ticket (I had paid it on the net before hand) and didn’t look at it, just went to the theatre. When the movie was about to start a person came in front to announce the following title. It definetely was not “Everything is relative”.  It was called “Mysterion”. Well, maybe this is a short film before the actual title I thought. A few minutes passed and I realized that it was not a short movie. I was in the wrong fucking theatre. Actually in the wrong building too. But since the movie had already started and I thought what the hell, I’ll watch this instead even though I had no idea what the title would be about. And here comes the good part; it was a documentary about nuns! Only Estonian ones 😀 I guess the universe had meant for me to see something about nuns after all!

Yesterday we went to see “the Wrestler”. Mickey Rourke was amazing. Truly a movie worth watching.

On the ivf; it’s CD28, I’m having some cramps so I guess it’ll be AF soon. I also have a terrible headache but I guess it’s because we didn’t have any coffee at home this morning so I missed my daily fix. Next Tuesday is the first u/s and I’ll start the Gonal-fs. I talked with my parents on the phone and mom asked about our if-treatments. I told about the ivf-schedule and how everything is costing a zillion. Mom said that if we run out of money for the treatments, they will help us and we won’t have to pay back. I was so relieved to hear this, it was like a huge weight off my back. Because we only have the money for one round of ivf and there’s no guarantee it will work. I feel blessed that they are willing to participate.



  1. That’s great news that your parents want to help. Hopefully you won’t need it though because I’m sure this round will work! Good luck!

  2. Have you considered trying acupuncture to help with the process of IVF? It helps to calm and reduce stress during this time and also helps with the uterine lining. Check out http://www.acubalance.ca for more information on how it can help. It won’t hurt to check it out!

    Good luck with everything! Fingers crossed for you

  3. The Wrestler was awesome!

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