January 19, 2009

Yaikes, tomorrow it all begins! It still isn’t sinking in properly, that we are actually doing this. It just doesn’t feel like it’s happening to me. I guess by the time I’lle be poking the needles in me it’ll be quite hard to ignore the fact that it’s my belly where the needles sting into. I’ll be taking the nasal spray every 12 hours. Because my memory is like cottage cheese I have to put a reminder on my cell for every day. DH pointed out to RE that he’s lucky not to be the one who has to take all the meds in special order and given times because he’d be sure to use them in the wrong order and wrong times 🙂

On Friday we took my sis and her hubby to the airport as they left to Vietnam for 2 weeks. I was SO jealous. Flying off to an exotic, warm place would be just what I need right now. Travelling is an essential part of me and it makes me incredibly sad that we won’t have money to any trips abroad this year. All my best memories are associated with travel; my first interrail trip at 16, another with my cousin a few years later, spending the 5 months in the Netherlands, last summer’s vacation in Slovenia… I’m still sometimes playing with the thought of doing an interrail trip  again although I know too well I don’t have the stamina of a 16-year old any more and sleeping on a train’s floor after partying the whole night would probably be too demanding. I love trains though; even traveling the two hours by train to my sister’s gives me a certain satisfaction; the feel of moving  from a place to another; the opportunities of travel it represents.

On Saturday I went with my friend J to a film festival to see a document about the extreme capitalism in today’s Russia. It told the story of three russian girls; one was selling her virginity on the internet, another participated in a big brother-like reality show and third one dreamed of becoming the next Madonna, only ending up as a stripper in a worn off club a little later. Very thought provoking and interesting to watch.

We had a tough kickboxing training yesterday; 45 minutes of technique and then another 45 minutes of exercise (sit-ups, push-ups, skipping rope..) No wonder I feel like a train has ran over me. When I’ll start the injections I’ll stop training during the ivf-treatment. Well hopefully for a much longer time 🙂



  1. I’m so excited for you!!!!!!!

    And I also love the train…..it’s just more intimate than flying I find.


  2. I”m so excited for you!

    Yes, men would not be good at this fertility crap. They’d be crying and whining all the time about the drugs, the blood, and everything else we endure.

  3. Stopping by from cyclesistas to wish you good luck with this cycle. I’ll be stopping by to see how things are going!

  4. Dear Ohemily,

    I’m a Dutch student, from Rotterdam, and I’m currently working on a school assignment,
    I have to enrich the InterRail experience, with modern media like an iphone application or a website. And I’m currently working on a audience research, and I was hoping that I could ask you some questions about your experience with InterRail… if thats alright.

    I hope to hear from you soon,


    Philip Freeke

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