My plans for the 2009

January 1, 2009

This is what I plan to do on 2009:

  • Get preggo
  • Get a new job

I know, these two sound a bit contradictory together. But I just have to work both of these things out during next year.

I have the most horrible hang over.  That’s what you get for drinking until 6 AM. Me and DH are going to have a sober January and at least now it sounds like a brilliant idea.

I don’t know if you guys overseas cast tin on New Year’s Eve? I mean warming up a horseshoe made of tin on the stove and then when it turns liquid throwing it into water so it takes a shape and then you look at the shape’s shadow to see what the new year will bring you. It’s kind of a tradition here. And guess what my tin’s shadow looked like? Like a preggo woman (or a woman with big boobs from another angle)! I guess that means I’ll either get a baby or a boob job 😉



  1. I so WANT to cast tin.

    Next year I am going to for sure!

    And I think that sounds very promising!!! 😀 😀


  2. Dropping by to tell you I just started the “Mommy Wanna Be Club” if you wanna join! It’s proving to be a great community where we have discussions and network to support each other in our efforts start a family.


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