Another smart move

December 30, 2008

..on my part was going to see the Baz Luhrmann movie “Australia” today with DH. An old-fashioned, suberbly emotional, bombastic drama. Perfect for the moody, tearful infertile on the edge! What next, will I sign up as a volunteer to kindergarten so I can maximize my agony to the full? There should be a law against people as stupid as me.

Thanks again for all the supporting comments. Today (after the movie) was a little better. I’m hoping 2009 will be so much better in many ways and I can bury the shitty 2008 so deep I won’t ever have to look back to it again. Cheers to that! (I have 3 bottles of cheap italian sparkling wine for tomorrow. NO I’m not going to drink all of them by myself. Only half of it.)



  1. Yes, we both should sign up for that. LOL. And if there is a law about you, I get my own one over here as well. 😉

    And I hear you. Smell you later 2008, you royally sucked the big one, and 2009 had better be freaking better for us all!!!!!

    Enjoy the wine!! Gonna have some myself. 😀


  2. I hope 2009 brings you everything you want! Enjoy your wine, and make a toast with the hope that next New Year’s Eve you’ll either be too pregnant to drink, or that you’ll have a sweet baby in your arms.


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