Scandinavian promotion

December 22, 2008

We went to see a Swedish vampire film “Let the right one in (Låt den rätte komma in) on Saturday. A haunting experience I must say. Not the typical horror movie but something much more; the kind of film that stays in the back of your head for a long time.

Too bad there’s going to be an American version of it too (like all of the European/Japanese horror movies); I’m sure it’ll miss all the fundamental scandinavian atmosphere of the original film.

And while I’m shamelessly promoting scandinavian stuff; here’s an author I want to recommend: Johanna Sinisalo. She writes fantasy/sci-fi- influenced prose that’s actually closer to magic realism. I’m reading a short story collection of hers every morning and evening on my way to work and I love her style. Imaginative and captivating. And also she’s my personal hero as she’s hiked like a zillion kilometers all around the world.

One day left of work, then it’s holidays until 7th January! And maybe much longer too…



  1. i saw that movie! (my husband loves horror movies and perhaps gets them on the internets).. ehem.. anyway.. yeah i saw that movie! i liked it.. kept thinking about it after.

    think i might look up that author!

    happy vacation!! 😀

    • My husband is a horror movie freak too :D! I usually can’t watch half of the films he likes…

      Happy holidays to you guys too!

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