Isn’t this splendid!

December 13, 2008

I got a positive OPK a minute ago. How great is that! Ha! Not peak positive but positive enough anyway. I guess it’ll be peak tomorrow morning. We’ll probably go in for iui on Monday then although I’m quite sure it’ll be too late. I’m so not surprised for this. Thanks again, universe.

Regarding my job, nobody seems to know anything. Sony is considering buying parts of our company but only in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We’ll just wait for the bulldozers then. The way these news reached the employees is a whole another story. We had to google-translate Danish stock web pages to get the information about the bankruptcy. But something g0od; I got a phone call yesterday and was asked to do a small web graphic project. Felt like a god-send at that moment.

Yesterday evening with DH was great. We made a restaurant bill worth of a small apartment’s rent… I ate reindeer (sorry Rudolph!) and had a few vodkas too. I love that restaurant, even though it’s really pricey.

Tonight I’m home alone with the cats (who seem to get along better now), DH is in Pori with his band to shoot their promo pictures. I guess I’ll spend the evening polishing my cv and building up my portfolio site.


One comment

  1. oh for crying out loud. Damn you universe, Damn you!!

    Sorry, that sucks.

    And your employer? Ugh, that is horrible. Glad you got some side work though, maybe this will be the time to make your mark on the world. 🙂

    And dinner sounds awesome, glad you went out and had a nice time, you deserve it!!!


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