Will I get my birthday present?

December 9, 2008

CD13 and no positive OPK this morning, the line was as strong as yesterday. No O-signs otherwise really either, really mild cramps and twinges on both sides but not the same kind of pain I’m used to. Tomorrow it’s my birthday and in a kinky way I wish I would get the positive OPK tomorrow morning so we could do the IUI on my bday!

The cleaning people visited for the first time yesterday. I can’t describe the bliss of arriving home in the evening to a clean house. All the dishes washed, bedding changed, bathtub cleaned, cat hair vacuumed from the sofas. I could get used to this!

I had dinner with a friend yesterday, we hadn’t seen each other since our wedding party last autumn. We met in junior high and though we never were best friends I’ve noticed that even though time goes by we have stayed good friends and the ones I’ve once considered the best friends have left my life. Like when I was living in Maastricht and hadn’t seen her for a few years and she emailed me if she could come to meet me and stayed with me for a week and it was like we just had seen each other the day before even though it had been a long time. She’s so much fun to be with! When we were 16 we traveled through Europe one summer by train and it’s a trip I swear I’ll never forget. I still can’t believe my parents let me go considering what kind of a wild child I was at the time!

The kittens are enjoying themselves and running around our apartment. The big cats don’t like them yet but seem to tolerate them better. I bought a cat tranquilizer to eaze their stress, I hope it’ll work. I wish there was a device for humans too you could plug in and it would spread an odor that would make you feel much better.



  1. oh,I have used that for our kitties, seemed to work, so hopefully everyone is all cool with each other soon. 😉

    And I get that about friends, glad you got to see her!

    I’ll keep hoping on that +OPK for you!!!!!


  2. I hope you get your + OPK tomorrow!

    I know exactly what you mean about good friends. Friday night I had dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen since 1985, and it was like we were never separated. Some people just belong in your life.

  3. Happy Birthday to yooooooo!

    I hope you get that positive OPK and can make a birthday baby.

  4. May all of your birthday wishes come true.

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday xoxox

  5. i hope you get your birthday wish!

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