May I introduce you…

December 8, 2008

to our new babies!


Kirka the girl singer...)

Kirka the girl (actually named after a male Finnish singer...)

Kössi the boy

Kössi the boy

Kirka (girl) and Kössi (boy) arrived yesterday. Our older cats are still in a state of mild shock and don’t let the kittens come near them but luckily no fighting yet. They are both really curious and adventurous, Kirka is a bit more brave than her brother but both seem to enjoy their new home 🙂 I hope our older cats will welcome the newcomers soon too!

Weekend included a lot of eating and drinking, I think I might try to skip all drinking in January (it’s a bit o f a tradition in this alcoholistic country to do a sober January so you can drink the rest of the year like crazy with a clear conscience…)

I had strangely dark OPK this morning (CD12), Let’s see what happens this afternoon but I’m really really surprised if we get to do the failure iui#4 already tomorrow!



  1. Babies!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are so sweet. 🙂

    And I like that tradition, I’ll follow it with you… 😉

    And shhhhhhhhhh….you can’t call anything a failure yet!!!!!!


  2. Awwwwww cute! I do love them….I want them!!

    I wish Dean would let me get a kitten.

    I’m wishing you every successful for this IUI.

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