Gingerbread cookies and chocolate

December 1, 2008

Weekend was again over too soon. On Friday we went to see Burn after reading, which was hilarious :)! I love Coen brothers’ movies.

On Saturday morning after sleeping late my cousin came over with her son and we took christmas card photos of him dressed in a little gingerbread man costume and an elf costume. I’d post them here but I’m not sure would my cousin approve of posting photos of her child over the internet… But he was so cute πŸ™‚ Now we also have toys for him to play with at our place since my mom gave me a bunch of our old toys for the purpose. He apparently liked the same little rubber duck best that was my favourite too 26 years ago.

My cousin is my best friend (after DH) and I share everything with her. Even the secrets I can’t tell anyone else. I’m so glad she lives in Helsinki now and we see each other almost every week. And she is sweet and thinks about my feelings with all the baby stuff, because she thought first that it would be unfair for her to come over too often with the baby because she was afraid it would seem like parading with her baby around me. But I don’t feel like that. I don’t feel sad around my godson. I just hope he will get cousins too. But I must say being a mother has definetely changed my cousin and it has changed our relationship. Because despite the fact that we talk a lot about my infertility and the treatments we do kinda live in different worlds now. And that is sad.

I had acupuncture today and it felt so relaxing. But I’m taking a break from it because I want to try this cycle without it. I don’t know can the progesterone somehow be still working on me but I haven’t had any of the ovarian twinges yet (CD5). I checked my FF and three previous cycles I had the twinges already around CD3 and on. This cycle the cramping was extremely mild, actually “proper” cramping only during one day and I’ve almost felt like when I was on the pill. I hope I will ovulate still. Even though I’m starting to feel it doesn’t really matter shit whether I ovulate or not, nothing’s happening anyway and I don’t know what the problem is.

When I was traveling home on the subway today a strange lady started to talk to me. As I mentioned before, Finns do NOT talk to each other on public transport if it’s not absolutely fundamentally obligatory. Even when we have to get out of the bus and there’s a stranger sitting next to us and we have to get past them we don’t say “excuse me, this is my stop”. No. We start to put our mittens on with a significant look and then just scramble past the fellow passanger whether they get out of the way or not.

Ok, first I thought that she’s a nutcase/wino because she was talking to me but in the end it was a nice chat. We talked about ginger bread cookies and chocolate. And both agreed that Finnish chocolate is SO much better than the Swedish one. Of course.

We have some new jewelry in the shop now and we even added a little text in English on the FAQ part if anyone out there is interested in ordering πŸ™‚


One comment

  1. He sounds so cute all dressed up!!! hehee. That’s awesome. πŸ™‚

    And your descriptions of Finns has me crying while laughing as always…..LOL. So cute you are!!! πŸ˜‰


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